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New Virtual Gibsons and Epiphones for Rocksmith+

The Ubisoft team has updated Rocksmith+, a subscription service for PlayStation PS4 and PS5 platforms that aims to teach users how to play guitar, bass or piano through popular songs. The company has included several high-end digitally processed Gibson and Epiphone guitar models in the new release: "Our passion for realism didn't stop at shapes and colours. Rendering materials quickly became a strong focus as they are a staple in guitar design. While chrome and gold have standard solutions in the 3D world, we ventured into creating specific techniques for more unique materials like pearloid, striving to replicate their distinct appearance and feel.," says the developer.

Thanks to the more advanced scanning technique, players can choose from many different design elements of these guitars, including the type of wood, headstock design (Gibson "open book", Epiphone Vintage "Kat", Firebird, etc.) or details such as the shape and material of the position markers on the fingerboard, edgebanding, etc. Ubisoft also works with Ibanez, Roland, Marshall, Orange, Ernie Ball / Music Man, Boss, Electro Harmonix, Mesa Boogie and Kramer as part of the Rocksmith series.

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