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304 Guitar “Noteboard”: Hi-Tech Model With Steel Fingerboard

Within a few weeks, the Canadian company 304 Guitars should start offering an instrument called the 304 Guitar "Noteboard." This super-strat distinguishes itself from conventionally designed models with a uniquely designed fingerboard made from a single piece of high quality stainless steel. The 24 jumbo frets and nut are also a solid part of this segment, which requires extreme precision during processing. The manufacturer states that the guitar delivers detailed intonation, long sustain and a high-gloss finish thanks to the steel fingerboard with milled frets, allowing for very comfortable tone bending.

Also special is the 304 Precision Set bridge with tubular string shafts that also serve as bridge saddles, but you can also order a hardtail Hipshot bridge. The other elements are within the standard range, i.e. a mahogany through-neck, a body made of the same material and a 25 or 25.5-inch scale length. Tuning is handled by locking Gotoh tuning machines, and the foundation features a pair of Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis humbuckers, a three-position switch, a volume knob, and a tone pot equipped with push/pull coil uncoupling. The price of the model in black, white, red, blue, or gold lacquer is around €2,600.

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