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Boss Katana Gen 3: the New Bestseller Series

In May, Boss launch the new Katana series – the world's best-selling modelling amplifiers and combo amps. The Katana Gen 3 edition retains the basic architecture of its predecessors, including affordability and versatility, making Katana the ideal choice for a wide range of players in home, studio and stage environments. The Gen 3 collection includes the Katana-50 Gen 3, 50 EX Gen 3, 100 Gen 3 1x12"/2x12", Gen 3 Artist combos and the Katana Gen 3 Head and Artist Head amplifiers. So what does this series bring to the table?

Pushed mode

The manufacturer has now added a Pushed amp model to the voicing modes, which, in the brand's words, focuses on "touch-responsive gain of a clean combo driven into harmonic saturation", which, in other words, means that it will appeal to guitarists who like to use tube amps in settings where the circuitry operates at the edge of distortion and responds instantly to changes in playing dynamics.

Upgrade Tube Logic section and Bloom circuit

Boss has also upgraded the features of the analogue Class A/B power amp using its patented Tube Logic technology, which should deliver an even more realistic sound, higher dynamics and a playing feel with the character of classic tube amps. The Katana Gen 3 Head, Artist and Artist Head versions also received an upgraded Bloom circuit, which is push-button activated and delivers a wider dynamic response in the bass plus a more punchy attack.

Boss Tone Studio and Bluetooth connectivity

The Tone Studio software has undergone an update, this time focusing on easier editing via mobile phone, while compatibility with Windows/MacOs remains, of course. Following the smartphone-related update, Boss has installed a connector for an optional Bluetooth Audio MIDI Dual adapter on the Gen 3 series. Instead of the original mono headphone output, we find its stereo variant here.

Initial reactions to testing these modelling amplifiers are mostly unanimous that, compared to the MK I and MK II designs, they sound more vibrant, with more pleasing highs, richer harmonics in the midrange, and a tighter, more defined expression in the lower frequencies.

Official European prices should be in the following ranges: the Boss Katana-50 Gen 3 – approx. 340 euros, 50 EX Gen 3 – approx. 420 euros, 100 Gen 3 1x12" – approx. 500 euros, 100 Gen 3 2x12" – approx. 600 euros, Gen 3 Artist – approx. 800 euros, Katana Gen 3 Head – approx. 500 euros, Gen 3 Artist Head – approx. 700 euros.

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