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"Boss" Triple Metal Zone: Madness by 903 Effects

The Boss Metal Zone is one of the best-selling high-gain pedals on the market, and thanks to its easy availability, MT-2 users welcome various modifications to this effect's distortion circuit. More skilled guitarists, who know how to use a soldering iron as well as their instrument, can try their own tweaks, while other musicians can use the services of professionals. The latter group includes the Texas-based small producer 903 Effects, which has modified the MT-2 in its own unique way and produced a rare version of the Triple Metal Zone.

As the name suggests, it is basically a trio of series circuits (JRC 4558D chips) inspired by the Boss MT-2, each with slightly different sound characteristics. Unlike the original, each section has six classic potentiometers with the familiar gain, volume and three-band EQ functions (+-15 dB) with semi-parametric mids (200 Hz – 5 kHz), and the chassis is fitted with standard metal footswitches, unlike the Boss effects. According to designer Seth Hoare, no further copies of Triple Metal Zone are planned.

The sound of 903 Effects' TMZ is presented in the video below, recorded with a Solar Guitars A2.6PN superstrat, an Orange Pedal Baby 100 transistor Class A/B amp and two custom 2x12 cabinets.

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