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Educational Guitar System Samsung C-Lab ZamStar

At this year's Las Vegas Electronics Show CES 2022, the Samsung C-Lab division presented the ZamString educational guitar with an integrated digital system connected to LEDs in the fretboard that show the player the correct positions when learning songs, chords and scales. Reminiscent in design of Manson guitars used by Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, the instrument is complemented by a mobile app (ZamStar), which allows the set to be used as an online jamming platform.

The software is also capable of recording a vocal line and up to four instruments, it has an effects section, rhythm unit and other features. The ZamStar model, made by a brand that is better known for making smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and similar electronics, could become a competitor to similarly designed systems such as Fret Zealot (formerly Fret Zeppelin) from the company Edge Tech Labs.

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