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Fender Pink Paisley and Black Paisley Acoustasonic Telecaster

The hybrid electric/acoustic Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster debuted in 2019 as the first model of the series, followed by the Acoustasonic Stratocaster and Jazzmaster. The Telecaster has so far been offered in Sunburst, Crimson Red, Black, Natural, and Steel Blue finishes or exclusive versions using exotic ziricote and cocobolo woods. The manufacturer now adds a pair of limited versions of the Pink Paisley and Black Paisley Acoustasonic Telecaster to these variants, with a psychedelic design referring to the 1960s.

The Acoustasonic Telecaster features a solid spruce top (Sitka), a mahogany body, and a neck made of the same material with the Modern Deep-C profile bolted to the body with an ergonomically shaped joint. The 12-inch radius ebony fretboard carries 22 frets, the Graph Tech TUSQ nut is 42.8 mm wide, and there is a cavity for Bi-Flex neck reinforcement on the headstock.

The guitar uses the patented Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS), and the sound is picked up by a trio of pickups, consisting of the Fishman U-ST piezo attached to the asymmetrical bridge, the Fender Acoustasonic Noiseless N4 magnetic single-coil, and the Fishman internal enhancer. The company’s full metal tuning pegs have optimized shaft lengths, providing a necessary angle formed by the strings behind the zero fret.

The integrated Acoustic Engine digital circuit offers ten different sound modes, selectable with a five-position switch and the Mod control. Active electronics with a battery rechargeable via the micro-USB port allow you to choose from the following voicings:

Electric (position 1): mod A – Fender Electric Clean, mod B – Fender Electric Fat/Semi-Clean.
Acoustic & Electric (position 2): mod A – Sitka Spruce/Mahogany Dreadnought, mod B – Blend combining the features of electric and acoustic guitars
Percussion + Enhanced Harmonics (position 3): mod A – Sitka Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnought, mod B – more percussive attack + rich harmonics
Alternative Acoustics (position 4): mod A – Engelmann Spruce/Maple Small-Body, mod B – Sitka Spruce/Mahogany Dreadnought
Core Acoustics (position 5): mod A – Sitka Spruce/Rosewood Dreadnought, mod B – Alpine Spruce/Rosewood Auditorium

The official price of the limited editions of the Fender Pink Paisley and Black Paisley Acoustasonic Telecaster for the European market is around 1950 euro, including a quality gig bag (Deluxe 1225 GB), service keys, and other accessories. According to the latest information, the black variant is reserved for Europe, while the instruments in pink finish will head to the American market.


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