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German High-End Studio Quality by HEDD Audio

The products of HEDD, a German brand dedicated to the development and manufacture of high-end studio headphones and monitors for music production, mixing, mastering and related applications, are increasingly gaining attention. One of the technical cornerstones is the patented Air Motion Transformer technology, which is used to design and manufacture surgically precise monitors for both professional use and home Hi-Fi listening.

Musicians, sound engineers and studio producers can choose from HEDD Type 05 MK2, Type 07 MK2, Type 20 MK2 R/L, Type 30 MK2 monitors, HEDD Bass 08 or Bass 12 subwoofers, and HEDD HEDDphone One headphones. Some of the active boxes are offered in both black and white.

The HEDD MK2 models change the idea of what you can get out of a speaker system without a subwoofer connected when the input signal is moved into the digital domain. The analogue signal is digitised at 32-bit/96kHz resolution when it enters the rear XLR connector and is then decoded back to analogue and routed to the integrated Class-D rear amplifiers. The encoding process, which is handled by a DSP unit (SoC SHARC), is required for crossover control and also for the operation of three advanced functions.

These are linked to a system that analyzes and adjusts the phase linearization of the high and low frequency signals for more accurate monitor sound reproduction, including combination with an external subwoofer. Another feature, handled digitally by the DSP chip, is CoP (Closed or Ported) technology, allowing the boxes to be used in open or closed front bass-reflex modes, with special foam plugs hermetically sealing these ports.

The internal DSP smoothly performs the necessary frequency response compensation, so that when operating in both modes, the resulting signal does not lose the necessary low-bandwidth response, although the SPL limit is reduced by 6 to 10 dB for bass frequencies. These modes can be selected via a rotary switch that adjusts the electronic filters. With the development of the CoP system, HEDD offers customers the choice of turning MK2 Series monitors from powerful, loud, and modern setups to a sound with the precision of a surgical blade—and vice versa.

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