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Innovated Schecter PT Special and New Van Nuys Models

Schecter has introduced an updated PT Special and a pair of new Van Nuys guitars, represented by the Traditional Van Nuys and PT Van Nuys, combining traditional design with modern features. As a result, the Van Nuys series offers players the best of both worlds, including flexible electronics consisting of premium pickups and humbucker coil disconnect switches.

The Strat-style Traditional Van Nuys features a select ash body with Gloss Natural Ash finish, a heat-treated maple neck, and a 14-inch radius fingerboard with 22 solid X-jumbo frets and GraphTech XL Black TUSQ nut. The neck with 2-way adjustable rod has been given a comfortable Thin-C profile, and the scale length is a classic 25.5 inches.

The Diamond Vintage two-way vibrato is complemented by the company's locking tuners, while the pickups in HSS configuration consist of a Schecter USA SuperRock Vintage humbucker and two Schecter USA MonsterTone single-coils. On the bridge pickup, the coils can be split via a push/pull system in the common volume potentiometer, providing the player with three single-coils, just as on the Stratocaster. The official price tag is under $900.

The Schecter PT Van Nuys has almost identical specs, but differs from the Traditional model by its Telecaster body lines and a pair of Schecter USA SuperRock Vintage humbuckers, whose five-position switch provides the following configurations: 1st position—bridge HB, 2nd—outer coils of both HBs, 3rd—HB + HB, 4th—parallel neck HB, 5th—neck HB. The instrument is available for about $900.

The PT Special model, the most traditional of the trio, has a swamp ash body with an elegant Aqua Burst Pearl transparent finish, a bolt-on maple neck with a C-shaped profile, and a rosewood fingerboard that, like the top edge of the body, is lined with a white trim. The instrument features 22 X-Jumbo frets and pearl position inlays.

The pickups and electronics, however, deviate slightly from the established standard—the Vintage Ashtray bridge with brass saddles houses a single-coil Schecter Diamond VT-1, which, together with a Schecter V-90 neck pickup based on the P-90 concept, is controlled by volume, tone, and a three-position lever switch. Like the PT Van Nuys, the PT Special features the ability to connect both singles in series/parallel, activated by a push/pull switch. The price is around $600.

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