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Jack White and his Fender Low Rider Telecaster Modification

At this year's NAMM, among other things, a heavily modified Fender Low Rider Telecaster belonging to White Stripes member Jack White, who has been using this piece as one of his main stage instruments for several years, was on display. Guitar World magazine contacted White's guitar tech Dan Mancini in Anaheim, who describes all the modifications made to the guitar in a video. "What’s super cool about this guitar is that, this [are] all things that were developed throughout the tour," explains Mancini. "It's gotten Jack excited, to be inspired and look at it in a new way. Not every guitar has all these functions on it."

The basic modifications include a trio of Tim Shaw-developed pickups: a bridge Filter'Tron, a P-90 midrange and a Wide-Range neck humbucker, connected to a specially designed control with a kill switch and a toggle switch allowing potentiometers to be removed from the signal path, which had a positive effect on the clarity of the treble and the dynamics of the resulting tone. The Chip Ellis (Custom Shop) model received a Bigsby tremolo, a B-Bender system and a D-Tuna retune, and later on, there was also subtle scalloping all over the maple fretboard. If you're interested in this topic, check out the video.

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