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Leon - Mon, September 12, 2022 - 08:00

Korg Acquires Controlling Stake in Darkglass Electronics

Following the takeover of the American company Aguilar Amplification, subsequently renamed Aguilar Musical Instruments LLC, Korg USA announced another acquisition, which a controlling stake in Darkglass Electronics, a Finnish company known for developing and handcrafting bass effects, amps and stompboxes. Korg follows in the footsteps of its rival Yamaha which recently took the well-known Ampeg and Line 6 brands under its wing.

The agreement between the two companies was announced by Korg USA division president Joe Castronovo, who said in a press release that the acquisition of Darkglass Electronics would strengthen Korg USA's business in the bass amps and gear market. "This acquisition is aligned with our strategy to position Korg USA as a leader in the bass gear category," Castronovo said. "We have developed a deep admiration for the brand's cutting-edge reputation of being innovative and player-centric."

The American division, which distributes musician gear and related equipment, now owns a majority stake in Darkglass Electronics. As of the end of 2019, Korg USA is also the primary US and Canadian distributor of Darkglass products.

"Korg USA is proud to invest in the future of Darkglass, and we are excited to share their products with the music community, alongside our other respected brands," adds Castronovo. Following this news, Marcos Barilatti will continue to serve as CEO of Darkglass, a company founded by Douglas Castro.

"As a bassist, I started Darkglass to engineer the products I always dreamed of having. The dream grew to become a top player in the bass segment," Castro said of the deal. "Having worked with Korg USA for many years and seeing first-hand their incredible work empowering the brands that have joined their group, I do not doubt that they will help fulfill all of these ambitions and beyond."

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