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The best way to describe Labasheeda's music is probably 'artpunk'. | Photo: J. Sobotka
The best way to describe Labasheeda's music is probably 'artpunk'. | Photo: J. Sobotka
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With Labasheeda we always wanted to break out of our own limitations

In our band Labasheeda (NL), playing music and composing songs is a personal expression. For us writing songs is essentional to feel the urge to play live. Even while we know we will not finish them before the upcoming tour, we work already on many new songs at the moment. We are gonna present our new album Blueprints at the shows in the Czech Republic in July.

The best way to describe Labasheeda's music is probably 'artpunk'.
Our last album Blueprints (distributed by Silver Rocket label) is probably the most diverse album we made. We are not just influenced by rock, we listen also to jazz and classical musiic. I think you can hear even some folk influences in our music.

I find it exiting to play rock because it is very energetic music, it seems the best way for me to express myself. I am orginally a painter, I studied artschool. This helped me to think in colours and atmospheres, which helps me also with the songwriting.

With Labasheeda we always wanted to break out of our own limitations, but we did not expect that our new album Blueprints would get received so well. We where very surprised, that more zines wrote Bleuprints is a innovative album which is a very big compliment. It is not something we where aiming for, we just wrote the songs as they came.

More than our previous albums, Blueprints has become a very layered album. We did a lot of overdubs, with dirty sounding 80-ties keys on the song Minus Minus. Violin, viola and cello and marimba. Like the other albums Blueprints has a raw sound, all the basic tracks are recorded live and the whole album has been recorded and mixed on tape at the Lullabye Factory in Amsterdam.

Labasheeda | Photo: Ruben Verheul

I am personally very happy with the strings arrangement on Fossils. I work somethimes with a loop pedal to compose string arrangements. It is fun, because you can directly work in layers and hear the result. On the record I have played all those parts again live in the studio.

Also new for us has been the use of the marimba in the songs Vanity and What Remains is Love. The instrument has a very warm and natural sound, which works organic in this atmospheric song. Artist Isolde Kille, my friend who lives and works in New Mexico, made the video for this song. There is also a video on shortest song Curiosity on the album.

After the difficult Corona period we went playing a lot live, I think you can hear this back in the songs. We where so happy to be on stage again.

We like the Czech Scene very much, there are many good underground bands and a lot of creativity. During the shows that we did last years we met so many great musicians from the Czech scene wich seems very vibrant to me. There is a very stong line-up on the Boskovice festival on which we play on 5 July. Many bands of the programm I have been following already.

We will also play in Děčín, Pilsen and Prague. I am very much looking forward to those shows as well and especially to be back in Prague for our show at Cross Club on 4 July.

Labasheeda | Photo: Manuel Sprock

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