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Model Twenty-Two: Futuristic Amp in the Style of a Computer Monitor

Following the 2022 version of the Model Twenty, Eminent Technology presented another unconventionally designed FRFR guitar system at this year's NAMM, this time called the Model Twenty-Two. Once again, the new product retains the format reminiscent of a computer monitor, bringing the weight down to just 7.5kg. The Florida-based brand, whose amps are challenging the conventional guitar cabinet design that has been stagnant for nearly 70 years, claims the unit is "the world's first flat-panel active guitar speaker". The dimensions of approx. 40.5 x 59 x 12.7 cm correspond to this.

The Twenty-Two has been improved over its predecessor and operates as a full range system with neutral frequency response, which will be welcomed not only by owners of various modellers but thanks to the selectable Preamp, Cab Only and Amp + Cab modes, also by guitarists using classic pedalboards as the basis of their sound.

"The electric guitar, for over seventy years, has been tethered to outdated technology, continually using the conventional direct radiator loudspeaker. Now, it's time to break new ground with an innovative concept. Eminent Technology's flat panel speaker design allows for the best possible dynamic response in the speaker market," says the manufacturer. "Imagine having access to all 350 watts at your fingertips at a moment's notice and getting the clarity you've only dreamed about thanks to this revolutionary design."

The company has already launched pre-orders on its website, with the price set at a rather confident 1700 dollars. Personally, I'd be interested in a direct comparison of the Model Twenty-Two with a standard active FRFR monitor fitted with traditional speakers. Perhaps some of the new owners of this system will record an "X vs Y" video test.

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