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NEW GEAR 10/24: Yamaha Pacifica, Vox Valvenergy 2, Tama Starclassic Mirage and Korg Piano

Those who are ready are not caught off guard. Welcome to our next weekly roundup of new gear and trivia from the music world, where we try to sum up everything essential that's currently hitting the market that we should know about. Vox launches the second generation of Valvenergy 2 series tube pedals, Yamaha takes the Pacifica guitar series to the premium market with a pair of new models, Korg unveils a digital piano for Chopin lovers, Gibson announces a limited edition PAF 1959 humbucker, and Glenn Hughes fans can look forward to his signature instrument, the Orange O-Bass. We can also recommend the boutique Magneto Velvet Deluxe LP, the Morley Cliff Burton wah/fuzz, the EBS Runsten power supply, the Yamaha Starclassic Mirage anniversary set and condenser microphones from sE Electronics.

Pacifica Professional and Standard Plus: premium guitars from Yamaha

In recent years, guitars from Yamaha's Pacifica series have been reserved primarily for lower-priced models designed for beginner players. This year, the Japanese giant has decided to take this edition to the top level and has introduced the Pacifica superstrats in the Professional PACP12 and Standard Plus PACS+12 versions, complemented by M variants in which the rosewood fingerboard with variable radius and 22 stainless steel frets is replaced by maple. The quality of the new products is not only reflected in the choice of materials or the modified body curves created by Acoustic Design technology but also in the Gotoh hardware and Reflectone pickups in HSS configuration, developed by the renowned Rupert Neve Designs. Official prices including hard case: PACP12 approx. $3700, PACS+12 approx. 2220 dollars.

Lightweight Magneto Velvet Deluxe in Tele/LP style

French boutique brand Magneto Guitars has unveiled a new Velvet Deluxe model at NAMM in California, based on the previous Velvet Custom edition. The Deluxe version is a relatively lightweight guitar thanks to its chambered mahogany body, combining the Telecaster and Les Paul concepts with a domed maple top and glued neck, including the typical Gibson-style scale, measuring 24.75 inches. The rosewood fingerboard carries 22 frets plus special inlays and a bone nut, the ergonomic body-neck joint allows comfortable access to higher positions, and a pair of the company's Metro Pole MAC-5 humbuckers with Alnico 5 magnets contribute to the sound quality, providing a harmonically rich tone with solid bass. The first Velvet Deluxe edition is expected to be available in May.

Magneto Velvet Deluxe

Valve distortion pedals Vox Valvenergy 2

The Vox Valvenergy effects collection, whose circuits are based on Nutube's patented tube technology, has grown to include four second-generation models, traditionally equipped with OLED displays showing the oscilloscope. Fans of the British brand can now choose from the following pedals of the new Valvenergy 2 series: Power Burst – a booster connected in class A, featuring a volume control and a trio of voicing modes Treble, Natural, Middle; Tone Sculptor – a guitar graphic preamp/equaliser with 7 faders (Level and 6 bands: 100, 250, 570, 800 Hz, 2. 2. and 5.6 kHz); Fuel Injector – overdrive with Level, Tone, Drive and Natural/Fat modes, which can be used before the clean and distorted channels of the amp; Smooth Impact – compressor with 3 different types of compression (Vintage, Natural, Sag) and potentiometers Output, Comp and Tube Gain.

Gibson PAF 1959 Humbuckers from Collector's Edition Exclusive

The mythical PAF (Patent Applied For) pickups that Gibson made in the 1950s are now almost worth their weight in gold, and legions of sound purists swear by them. Guitar connoisseurs can now purchase premium replicas of these vintage humbuckers, which Gibson describes as "the most accurate recreations of the legendary PAF pickups ever made." A set with a pair of PAFs (resistance approx. 7.7 and 8.6 kOhm) will be delivered in a stylish Lifton case, and the pickups are fitted with period components, including white CAB (CAB Cellulose Acetate Butyrate) coils, 0.064 mm enamel wire windings, nickel-plated vintage covers, Alnico 4 magnets, and two-conductor wiring. Just like the 60+ year-old models, the replicas weren't wax-potted. With a price tag of 999 dollars, the number of these sets is limited to just 1,000, each bearing 1959-style numbering.

Signature Orange O-Bass Glenn Hughes Purple

The latest addition to the O-Bass series is built for the renowned musician, producer and former member of the hard rock band Deep Purple, among others, which is reflected in the instrument's dark purple finish. Hughes' signature is distinguished from the other O-Bass edition representatives primarily by the Seymour Duncan SPB-1 split-coil pickup, as well as the checkerboard binding that lines the edges of the body and headstock. The African okoume body is combined with a bolt-on maple neck, 20 medium-weight frets are set into the purpleheart fingerboard and there is company nickel-plated hardware and simple controls in the form of volume and tone potentiometers. Price: approx. 600 euros including a gig bag.

Orange O-Bass Glenn Hughes Purple

Morley Cliff Burton Tribute Series Power Wah Fuzz

Morley has decided to reissue the wah fuzz pedal of former Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, who before his death in a car accident managed to record the thrash metal legend's seminal albums Kill 'Em All (1983), Ride the Lightning (1984) and Master of Puppets (1986). The updated PWF1 reissue in Distressed Chrome finish, evoking Burton's worn-out original, features Morley Switchless Activation technology and uses an optical system. The wah section has a volume potentiometer with up to +15dB, and thanks to the backlit pedal, it won't get lost even on dark stages. The solid cold-rolled steel chassis houses a premium buffer in addition to the fuzz circuit. The effect can also be used for guitars, keyboards, etc.

EBS Runsten: high-quality power supply from Sweden

Runsten provides ten isolated 9V DC outputs, eight of which can be switched to 12V DC. Each output delivers up to 900 mA, which is almost double the capacity of most conventional multi-output power supplies. The increased power supply level thus makes it possible to power pedals or multi-effects that normally require a special voltage adapter from a single power supply. The Runsten, also equipped with two 5V USB-A outputs, minimises the risk of hum and other interference problems caused by using multiple power supply distributors in a single effects chain. Both standard DC cables are included, as well as connectors linking the two outputs in parallel or series to boost the current up to 1800 mA or voltage up to 24V DC. The manufacturer has also thought of adapters to reverse polarity or convert the connector size from 2.1 to 2.5 mm. Official price: about 260 euros.

Acrylic Kit Tama 50th Limited Starclassic Mirage

Since the 1970s, acrylic drums have been popular for their unique sound and distinctive look, which was also the case with the older Tama Starclassic Mirage kits, which return in a special 50th Limited Starclassic Mirage edition in an elegant Crystal Ice finish to commemorate 50 years of the brand. The seamless 5.5 mm thick (BD 6.5mm) shells produce a punchy, harmonically rich tone with plenty of bass and powerful attack, with the added benefit of the material's mechanical stability resistant to temperature changes. The MBA52RZBNS anniversary set includes a 22 "x16" bass drum, 10 "x7" + 12 "x8" toms, 14 "x12" + 16 "x14" floor toms and two MC69 tom holders. The 14 "x6.5" MBAS65BN snare is sold separately with die-cast hoops, MLS30ABN / MLS30BBN strainer and MS20RL14C Hi-Carbon snare wires.

Condenser microphones sE Electronics T1 and sE4100

The sE4100 and T1 microphones are the latest additions to sE Electronics' popular line of large diaphragm condensers. The new products are based on the successful sE4400 and T2 models but offer exclusively a cardioid pattern. The new models retained the elegant chassis design with low-cut filter switch and pad and also the warm, smooth sound, making both versions ideal for a wide range of uses, from overheads for drum kits to voicing piano, bass or guitar kits. The T1 in the silver finish differs from the sE4100 variant primarily due to its titanium diaphragm with very fast transient response, while the sE4100 has a gold-sputtered capsule. Each model is offered separately as well as in a calibrated pair for stereo recording.

Korg Poetry: a digital piano for Chopin lovers

Korg will soon launch a digital piano paying tribute to Frédéric Chopin, one of the leading composers of Romanticism. The model, aptly named Poetry is only 35 cm deep and features a pair of sound modes: the first is based on Chopin's French piano Pleyel from 1843, which had 80 keys and was tuned to a reference tone of 430 Hz, 10 Hz lower than the current standard. The second mode is derived from the Italian concert grand piano used in the prestigious Chopin Competition and has a transparent, highly expressive sound. The design is based on the top-of-the-line Japanese RH-3 keyboard (88 keys) with five touch sensitivity options, a trio of pedals, a sound system, a bank of 50 Chopin compositions, an effects unit, a recording section, a metronome, layering functions, MIDI, Bluetooth, etc. Price: approx. 1900 euros.

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