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NEW GEAR 18/24: Slash's LP Replica, BITE Bass, PDP Snare and Zildjian Z Custom 2024 Cymbals

Gibson has played two aces at once – a vintage Dual Falcon 20 combo amp and a replica of Slash's beloved Les Paul Standard "Jessica". Fender is fighting back with a signature Lincoln Brewster Stratocaster in Olympic Pearl, Pacific Drums is offering a Concept 2024 series snare, Zildjian has announced a return to the Z Custom cymbal series, and Korg's high-end Grandstage X digital piano should hit the market in the second half of the year. For bassists, there are BITE Jawbone Tashy Vanilla or second edition Dingwall John Taylor basses, Lollar DC J-Bass noiseless pickups, and the Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI 30th Anniversary preamp/DI pedal. Welcome to our regular roundup of new gear and interesting news from the world of music.

Gibson Slash „Jessica“ Les Paul Standard

After several signature instruments at Gibson, Slash's number one concert Les Paul, nicknamed Jessica, which he has owned since 1988 and used on most of his tours with Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver, has been given a replica. With a price tag of about $3,200, the LP Standard is fitted with a three-piece maple top on a solid mahogany body, the neck has received a 50s Vintage profile, and the sound is carried by a pair of Custom Burstbucker pickups with Alnico 2 magnets. The original model had a Cherry Sunburst finish, but Slash had the paint removed, which, aside from considerable wear, resulted in the gloss nitrocellulose Honey Burst with Red Back finish used on the new model. Schaller strap locks, service keys, set of picks, leather strap and case are included.

Fender Lincoln Brewster Stratocaster OLP 2024 with DiMarzio pickups

The Californian brand returns to guitarist Lincoln Brewster's model and introduces a modern Strat with great sonic flexibility. Apart from the high-quality DiMarzio Area 58 and Area 61 noiseless single coils, this is ensured by an integrated active mid-boost circuit, activated by a push/pull switch in the Volume potentiometer and controlled by one of the tone controls. The ash body in Olympic Pearl lacquer is complemented by a maple neck with a Soft-V profile and a fingerboard in the same material with a variable radius. It is fitted with vintage-style locking tuning machines. Price including hard case: approx. 2,770 euros.

Combo amp Gibson Dual Falcon 20 2x10

Three months after the premiere of electronic combos Falcon 5 and 20, Gibson, or its subsidiary Mesa Boogie, has introduced the third addition to the line, the Gibson Falcon 20 2x10. As the name suggests, compared to its predecessors, the newcomer features a pair of Jensen Blackbird 40 Alnico 10-inch speakers, and a significant change is the two-channel concept with separate volume, tone controls and reverb controls. There are Normal/Low inputs, tube tremolo (Depth, Freq), an effects loop and a Class-A power amp (2x 6V6 or 2x 6L6) with Multi-Watt technology offering Full, Half and Low modes and several operating modes. Price: approx. 2770 euros.

Dingwall John Taylor Rio Dream Bass 2

The second series of signature Dingwalls, built according to the preferences of the bassist of pop-rock icons Duran Duran, adds a five-string model to the four-string version, and the Canadian brand promises that this time there should be more units on the market than the quickly sold-out 82 copies of last year's limited edition. The pau ferro or maple fingerboard has a dual scale, the maple neck is complemented by a nyatoh body, there's a trio of Dingwall FD3n neodymium pickups connected to a premium preamp from Rupert Neve Designs, and the lightweight tuners are paired with the company's signature "Minimalist" headstock. For now, Metallic Black, Primrose and Seafoam Green finishes should be available.

Basses BITE Jawbone Tashy Vanilla RPJ 4 34″ and RPJ 5 33″

Austrian manufacturer BITE Guitars targets fans of premium, modern instruments with a pair of basses from the Jawbone Tashy Vanilla edition, based on the classic Jazz Bass shape and equipped with passive BITE 1000mV single coils of the P + J type (the half-coil pickup has reversed coils compared to the standard), recessed directly into the alder body in an elegant Off-White matte lacquer. The maple neck is combined with a fingerboard made of the same material, bearing 20 or 21 medium jumbo frets, white binding and rectangular position markers. It is fitted with lightweight tuning machines with three-blade tuning keys and 17:1 gearing, the strings are anchored in a Gotoh brass bridge and all hardware is plated in 24k gold.

Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI 30th Anniversary

The anniversary version of one of the most popular preamp/DI pedals with SansAmp analogue technology commemorates three decades of the bass model's existence, which is reflected in the more luxurious design of the pedal, fitted with a solid anodised aluminium chassis, and caps of a total of 7 potentiometers made of the same material. Of course, the producer has retained all the features of the standard version, which is at the heart of many bass kits and brings a wide range of adjustment options, including the choice of operating point for the low-band (80 or 40 Hz) and midrange (500 Hz / 1 kHz) controls, which not only players of modern five- and six-string instruments will appreciate. In addition to the classic output, there are XLR (phantom) and parallel jack connectors. Price: approx. $300. The video below demonstrates the standard version.

Lollar DC J-Bass noiseless pickups

American company Lollar Pickups has expanded its portfolio with the DC J-Bass pickup set, which offers the best of the clarity, transparency and punchiness that single coil Jazz Basses are known for. Unlike its classic predecessors, the DC J-Bass features a dual-coil design that minimises the typical hum. Thanks to the different winding, the bridge pickup provides a stronger signal compared to the neck version (13.1 kOhm bridge, 11.1 kOhm neck), which will be appreciated by players looking for a fuller tone while maintaining a true vintage character. This version is also suitable for P/J Bass combinations. The manufacturer recommends using potentiometers with a resistance of 250 kOhm and a 0.047 μF capacitor for the tone.

Metal drums PDP Concept 2024

Pacific Drums is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and, for the occasion, it has introduced the new Concept series of metal snares. These are three models with aluminium, brass or copper shells with a thickness of 1.2 mm and dimensions of 14" x 6.5", versions with more depth than last year's 14" x 5" variants. The hardware (True Pitch screws or MAG Throw Off mechanics) was taken from the DW Design Workhorse series. The aluminium snare produces an airy, responsive, yet dry sound that is ideal for recording. The brushed brass model combines a thick tone with a bright attack, and players who prefer a darker sound while maintaining maximum sensitivity can go for the copper version.

Kovové bubínky PDP Concept 2024

The return of Zildjian Z Custom series cymbals

Especially for drummers playing rock, metal and related genres, Zildjian is relaunching the Z Custom cymbals that have been a staple of many players' lineups since the mid-1990s, and for whom the company has since offered a modified Z3 edition. The models, which provided more aggression, volume and attack than other cymbals, now return in the form of a pair of Z Custom 14"/15" hi-hats, 16"/17"/18"/19"/20" crashes, 20"/22" rides, a 21" Mega Bell Ride variant and two 18" or 20" china cymbals. Prices for individual pieces from the reborn Z Custom line, which, according to the manufacturer, perfectly combines attack with musicality, start at about 300 dollars for a 16" crash.

Stage piano Korg Grandstage X: elegance and efficiency

Grandstage X, due to hit the market later this year, is Korg's most powerful grand piano so far, combining elegant design and sonic excellence that both concert and studio players will appreciateUnder the hood, there are seven engines including the SGX-2 and EP-1 for authentic piano and electric piano tones. The new addition boasts 13 main pianos, distinctive organ registers (CX-3, Vox, FC-1), modelling and warm expression thanks to tube technology Nutube. The high-quality hammer-action keyboard RH3 (A0 – C8) provides a realistic response. The model features 128-voice polyphony, 700 sound presets, layering, Split and Unison functions, an effects unit, an SD card slot, a USB port, MIDI connectors, etc.

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