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OD Guitars: Guitars Designed by Artificial Intelligence

Technologies based on artificial intelligence are experiencing an unprecedented boom and are slowly starting to enter the territory of the music industry. One example is OD Guitars, the brand founded by guitar maker Omer Deutsch, who, with the help of the Midjourney AI engine, designed and then built the first model in a series of superstrats aimed at the modern metal, djent and progressive players. The project is called /imagine:prompt, which is the way "image prompts" are generated in the AI engine.

"I was always fascinated by nature and how we can still have it inside our homes. Especially when everything around us is getting more and more technological and somewhat cold. Using AI for this project is both progressing into the modern world and poetic, while a lot of people (especially designers) fear AI, I've wanted to see if I can use it for my own needs."

"So if I can create an impossible image on MidJourney, would I be able to create it in real life? I've started playing around with the Midjourney engine and creating some of my thoughts of guitars and sound cavities, at first, it was just crap, but later I discovered some really interesting things, I then started exploring the relations between electric guitar, nature, and technology," Omer Deutsch describes the early days. The production process of the model, equipped with powerful Bare Knuckle Painkiller humbuckers, is illustrated in the video below.

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