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Russian "French fry" Les Paul in McDonald's Style

McDonald's pulled out of the Russian market in May due to the war in Ukraine, and their facilities were replaced by a new local chain, Vkusno & točka (Tasty & Full Stop), offering an almost identical menu. Still, one of the symbols of the success of American capitalism may be missed by many Russians, which will probably be the case for a Moscow guitarist who goes by the YouTube nickname ArtMayer.

The experienced builder decided to commemorate the departure of McDonald's with a unique model of Les Paul whose body is partly made of French fries, the headstock is stylised in the shape of an indispensable hamburger and the sound transmission is handled by a pair of Russian-made humbuckers Fokin. The construction process and a demonstration of the resulting sound of this "culinary" speciality from ArtMayer's Copper Guitars & Workshop are presented in the attached video.

Tagy Copper Guitars & Workshop

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