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Ten: Mr Big Are Making a Tribute Album to Their Former Drummer

On Friday, 12th July, Mr Big's tenth studio album will be released with the catchy title Ten, which the band dedicated to the memory of their former drummer Pat Torpey (13/12/1953 – 07/02/2018), who was replaced by Nick D'Virgilio, a collaborator with Peter Gabriel, Sheryl Crow, Tears for Fears, Genesis, etc. The first single "Good Luck Trying" is out now, with traditionally great performances by all the players involved and a hyped-up sound, partly inspired by blues and hard rock recordings from the seventies.

"This is raw, unadulterated riff rock and blues with all that the Mr Big trimmings," says frontman Eric Martin, and guitarist Paul Gilbert adds of the single: "Overall, it’s about being overwhelmed with life, and realizing that you won’t win many of the battles, but still fighting to the end. And keeping a sense of humour about it by saying to anyone nearby, ‘Wish me good luck trying!" The 11-track title Ten was not only recorded live in the studio but some of the parts were also recorded on the tour bus during The BIG Finish's worldwide tour.

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