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A Vending Machine in a New Zealand Bar Rewards You with a Beer for Playing Guitar

If you play the guitar and decide to visit New Zealand, don't forget to stop at the Panhead Custom Ales bar in the capital city of Wellington, owned by the brewery of the same name. The manufacturer has installed a vending machine in the form of a guitar stack, equipped with a custom Epiphone Explorer, so anyone who dares can take part and throw in some riffs. The machine analyses your playing in real-time using artificial intelligence algorithms, and if you get a good score, it will reward you with a bottle of chilled beer.

The director of Panhead Custom Ales explains that the "Slay to Pay" machine, which is the first of its kind, "is essentially a souped-up guitar hero for adults." The machine, which offers a choice of punk, metal or grunge genres when started, is currently filled with Supercharger APA, Quickchange XPA and Port Road Pilsner beers.

"The machine was the perfect combination of a couple of our favourite things, cold beer and really loud music. We gave it its first run at the Panhead Rolling Stone Music Awards and it turns out it’s pretty ruthless. It rejected some of the best guitarists in the country."

Tagy Panhead Custom Ales – „Slay to Pay“

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