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Leon - Mon, January 10, 2022 - 08:00

Verso Cosmo: A Futuristic Creation With a Metal Body

Robin Stummvoll, designer and head of Verso Musical Instruments—a boutique company in Kassel, Germany—recently presented an unusually conceived model of the Verso Cosmo guitar with a body made from a single piece of 1 mm thick bent steel sheet, powder-coated with a plastic-based paint. The other notable feature is a quick-change pickup attached to the body by a magnet, allowing the player to adjust its position to his or her liking. The wooden pickup cover visually blends in with the bridge base made of the same material, adding a warmer timbre to the resulting tone.

For the neck of this minimalistic guitar you can choose from maple, ash, cherry, walnut, apple or pear; and as expected from a boutique specialty, you can select the neck profile (C, V, or U shapes) and its thickness, the fingerboard radius, or any of a trio of humbuckers and single coils fitted with neodymium magnets. Of course, there are quality components such as gold-plated SMB connectors, internal wiring with silver-plated Teflon-coated wires, and reliable Schaller M6 Mini 1:18 tuning machines.

In addition to the Cosmo Standard version with a price tag of €1980, the €2850 Cosmo Plus version is also available with a pair of pickups, dual outputs, and a balance potentiometer for infinitely adjustable ratio of the two signal paths. The design and sonic possibilities of the Verso Cosmo Standard variant are presented in the videos below.

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