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Workstations Fantom EX: Roland's Upgraded Flagship

Late last year, Roland introduced the EX upgrade option, allowing users of the synthesisers series Fantom to expand the capabilities of their instrument. Now the company is launching workstations from the upgraded Fantom EX series, which replaces the current flagship models and brings all the new features right from the factory. There will be versions of the Fantom 6 EX (61 keys), the Fantom 7 EX (76 keys) with a semi-weighted keyboard, and the deluxe Fantom 8 EX, with an 88-piece PHA-50 hammer-action keyboard.

The EX Edition features the most extensive collection of sound engines yet found in this product collection, including ZEN-Core, V-Piano, SuperNATURAL, ACB (Analog Circuit Behaviour) and Virtual ToneWheel. There is a set of 11 sound extensions, you can choose from synthesisers Jupiter-8, SH-101 and Juno-106 and instruments such as the JX-3P, JD-800, SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3, German Concert V-Piano and more are available as optional extras via Roland Cloud.

All three models offer a large effects section, now including new studio reverbs and an updated master effects unit, and there is also an analogue stereo filter available. As you'd expect, the player has a range of handy controls at their disposal – a set of faders, encoders, buttons and drum pads join the touchscreen interface, along with built-in sequencing, recording and editing functions.

Extensive audio MIDI and CV/gate connectivity allows you to integrate Fantom with a multitude of other instruments and devices, and thanks to the built-in USB audio/MIDI interface (24 bit/48kHz, 6xin/32xout), this instrument can also form the heart of a studio setup with the ability to mix and layer software synths with hardware sounds, send sequencer parts to computer tracks, route DAW sources through Fantom EX effects, etc. Special modes are available for popular software platforms including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, MainStage, Cubase and Studio One.

The models can be connected to a wide range of devices, there are XLR/TRS combo connectors for microphones (phantom power) and instruments, eight outputs for routing sounds to external destinations, MIDI In/Out1/Out2 (Thru) DIN jacks, 2x2 CV/Gate outputs for controlling modular and analogue synths, a total of five USB ports, headphone output, etc.

The top sound quality, superior flexibility and level of workmanship are reflected in the official prices, which are in the following ranges: the Roland Fantom 6 EX approx. 4000 euros, the Fantom 7 EX approx. 4200 euros and the Fantom 8 EX approx. 4700 euros. Of course, current Fantom 6/7/8 owners are not left out, as the EX upgrade can still be purchased via the Roland Cloud service.


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