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Devastated Gibson LP Jr.: Rare Model from the First-ever Series

After guitarist and YouTuber Matthew Scott arrived in Wichita, Kansas, from Oklahoma, to view an advertised Gibson Les Paul Junior, he found the instrument in a state resembling a wreck just pulled from a dumpster. "The worst condition I've ever seen," Scott commented on the instrument, whose body, neck, and headstock were worn down to the wood, the logo almost illegible, and the tuning machines completely rusted. There was aluminium foil in place of the original nut, the partially broken potentiometers were missing their caps, and the original glued joint between body and neck had received a "special treatment" over time in the form of four insensitively installed screws.

Despite this, Scott decided to buy the damaged Junior and it was not a bad deal, because on later close inspection he found that it was a highly valued version from 1954, when Gibson first introduced this type of instrument to the market. The guitar was temporarily given working hardware, but due to the overall condition, cracks and the string height over a centimetre, an extensive repair was required, as the videos below confirm.

Tagy Gibson Gibson Les Paul Jr.

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