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Fender Frontman 20G Solid State Combo Amp

The compact solid-state combos of the Fender Frontman series, designed primarily for home practice, have a relatively long history. During this time, several models have changed in the manufacturer's portfolio. The latest addition to this collection—which reminds many guitarists of their first serious introduction to the instrument—is the Fender Frontman 20G version. The main advantages of this model are straightforward control, traditional sound typical of the brand and, last but not least, the price.

The central panel of the two-channel combo, whose design evokes classic Fender "Blackface" amps, offers a volume potentiometer for the clean channel, gain plus volume of the distortion channel, activated by the Drive Select button, and common passive bass, midrange and treble EQs.

In addition to the instrument input and red LED Cradle switch, there are also two stereo minijack headphone jacks and an Aux In for connecting an external audio source to practice both quietly and with recordings of your favourite bands. The power amplifier provides a maximum output of 20 watts and is connected to an 8-inch Fender Special Design speaker with an impedance of 8 ohms.

Featuring a Silver-Strand-style protective mesh, metal corners and a frame covered in black textured vinyl, the combo has a sealed design that enhances the dynamics of the resulting sound. The chassis walls are made from 19mm thick particle boards, and, pleasingly, the power supply was not solved with an adapter but a standard transformer connected to the mains via a detachable cable. The model has dimensions of 31.5 x 33.65 x 18.1 cm and weighs approximately 6.8 kg.

The official price of the space-saving Fender Frontman 20G combo, which, compared to various digital models with a multi-effect section or a wireless Bluetooth module, prefers a simple concept supported by classic sound, is around a relatively friendly limit of 110 euros.

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