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First Look Inside Marshall’s New Recording Studio

The Marshall company, best known for its guitar amplifiers, is now moving into the world of recording as well, opening a brand new studio facility at its headquarters in Milton Keynes, England, about 75 miles north of London. The focal point of the 42m² control room is a heavily modified Neve 8048 mixing console, which promises the warmth of vintage 1970s consoles with increased frequency response and attack. There are also classic outboards, equipped with, for example, a Universal Audio UA 1176LN compressor/limiter, a DBX 160A compression or a UA LA-2A optical tube compressor and other rack effects.

As you might expect, the studio is full of Marshall amps and cabinets, along with Fender and Gibson guitars, various pedals, Natal drums, complemented with Zildjian K-series cymbals, a selection of prized, time-tested Neumann and Telefunken microphones, etc. The large recording room (220 m² + 42 m² stage) can be set up in several configurations and the studio can take care of everything from recording, mixing, and music production to voiceovers, video or photo areas, podcasting, etc. A first official virtual tour of the Marshall studio is provided in the video below.

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