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“High Plains Drifter”: First Song From Kirk Hammett’s New EP

Earlier this year, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett announced the preparation of his first solo EP, which just premiered today. The project, released on the Blackened Recordings label, took a more realistic form a few days ago when the instrumental track “High Plains Drifter” appeared on Hammett's official YouTube channel, referencing the 1973 western mystery of the same name (High Plains Drifter) directed by Clint Eastwood, who also played the lead role.

The track’s title hints that, in this case, from a genre perspective, it is not another typical Hammet's home band-style mashup but rather a track reminiscent of a soundtrack with a slowly changing mood. This is matched by the opening section with flamenco guitar and orchestral arrangements, gradually transitioning into high-gain parts ending with an epic solo.

„High Plains Drifter was not meant to be specifically music for that film, but it was once it was written, I immediately thought it conveyed the same sentiment as the film, so the piece was christened accordingly, “ Hammett says.

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