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Kirk Hammett Owns Hundreds of Wah Pedals. Which One Is His Studio Number One?

In an interview with Rick Beat, the Metallica guitarist mentioned, among other things, that his collection of wah pads consists of around two hundred pieces. Jim Dunlop have already produced two signed wahs for him, the KH95 and KH95X, but in addition to several Dunlop pedals, Hammet's collection also includes various models from competing brands, including vintage wah-wah pedals and wah/fuzzes from now-defunct manufacturers or modified versions with adjusted frequency ranges, custom coils, etc.

The studio number one of the collection is not a special, custom-built piece, but a Dunlop DB01B Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell model, available in most shops as standard or by order, designed years ago for Darrell Lance Abbott (8/20/1966 – 12/8/2004), member of heavy metal bands Pantera and Damageplan, whose guitar sound influenced a whole generation of players.

"It’s the greatest wah, for me, that’s ever been made. I break it out every single time and go into the studio," Hammett says, adding: "When Dunlop said, ‘Let’s put out your version of the wah‘, I really wanted to just copy it, but I didn’t – just out of respect for Dimebag."

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