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Lenny Kravitz keeps repeating the same boring tricks that even AI couldn't come up with. | Photo: amerikanskiy
Lenny Kravitz keeps repeating the same boring tricks that even AI couldn't come up with. | Photo: amerikanskiy
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Lenny Kravitz's Funk is Rather Predictable

The twelfth album Blue Electric Light could have been a spectacular rock comeback of the aging 90s funk legend. In his sunglasses and leather trousers, Lenny Kravitz, though still irresistible and musically strong in his mid-sixties, no longer achieves the mastery of his older hits.

The album Blue Electric Light comes after a long creative break. It's been six years since Raise Vibration, which stands out in Kravitz's discography as a rather dull, insipid record. Unfortunately, even the recent tracks lack the moment of surprise and wallow in excessive sentimentality.

Listening to the new tracks, it's as if the now cult 90s TV series came to life, with busty blondes running along the beach alongside muscular and hairy guys, accompanied by slow funk rhythms, ringing guitars and sleazy synth melodies. One thing that we cannot deny is that Lenny is very confident in his presentation.

He shamelessly delivers his vision of love and universal good right in the opening track "It's Just Another Fine Day (In This Universe of Love)". The soulful funky melody features occasional hints of a rock groove or psychedelia, but the level of melodic tenderness keeps escalating and doesn't avoid even the catchy "TK421", a track whose title refers to the stormtrooper in the original Star Wars.

The classic wave sound opens the song "Human", which seems to have fallen out of the 80s synthpop era. The authentic sound of the dance millennium is aided by a number of other instruments such as the DMX drum machine, ARP Odyssey and Fairlight machine. Kravitz strikes the strings hard on the edgy "Paralyzed", which is the only mid-tempo track with a stadium rock vibe. However, he sticks to the usual harmonic progressions in "Heaven" and repeats the classic rock formulas in "Love Is Religion", yet never erupts into a passionate groove like he used to. Indeed, instead of blowing his fans' minds with a straightforward guitar record, Kravitz keeps repeating the same boring tricks that even AI couldn't come up with.

What can you appreciate about the album as musicians?  

It's impossible not to love Lenny Kravitz despite all the clichés he's increasingly indulging in. His performance combines both sadness and romantic longing. But in the past, Kravitz used to venture into more adventurous musical approaches and techniques than he does now. What can't be denied are the songs' catchy vibes, which stand out even in the slower tracks. But these will be most appreciated by couples dancing at proms, chain store shoppers or home cooks marinating steaks for an evening barbecue.

Lenny Kravitz - Blue Electric Light

Lenny Kravitz – Blue Electric Light

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