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We found our own voice and concept and decided that West Wind should be the debut song. | Photo: archive of Palo Canto
We found our own voice and concept and decided that West Wind should be the debut song. | Photo: archive of Palo Canto
Péter Kedves -

In Palo Canto We Find Our Truth

The Budapest-based, multicultural techno fusion formation and producer duo Palo Canto (Bertalan Toth and myself) both aim to gravitate their listeners to their absolute higher self and imply to get infiltrated in their soul as an indigenous medicine like sacred smoke of burning palo santo. The elementary thought behind our creation is to be challenged by connecting the audience to their inner world through dancing and healing vibes. Palo Canto's music does not only consist of different mixtures of organic and electric sounds but also hypnotic guitar riffs, warm synths, ancient chants, ecstatic pulses, smooth textures and powerful rhythmic beats subserving the deepest living of the moment.

Our recently published debuting single called "West Wind" powerfully blows the mind out of anyone who watches its dreamy sequence-like scenes shot in a hot fuming desert belt. With the song's inviting mantra sound chanted by Soma Nóvé and rhythmic dancing as if an ancient ritual is being celebrated, it's no question that all pulses coming from the video direct all watchers to stand up, move and effortlessly let the throbbing beats move through the spine. 

Both of us just started listening to more four-on-the-floor type of organic electronic music back in the Covid lockdown era around 2020. We were sending some of our favourite tracks back and forth, and then the idea just came to my mind: why not try making music together? We wrote and produced many demos, and after a long period, we found our own voice and concept and decided that "West Wind" should be the debut song.

West Wind's film director, Liza Lukács, implemented the mission of Palo Canto as a sententious extract by showing the process of being lifted up to a high state of self-transcendence and ecstasy by not just listening but feeling it all. Worthy of its mythological meaning, "West Wind" brings genuine light spring and summer breezes to all ears. The track was mastered by Zino Mikorey (Christian Löffler, Kerala Dust, Ry X, Thom Yorke) in Berlin, the nest of upcoming techno productions. We are currently working on our first LP, inviting all listeners for an unforgettable inner trip of healing. 

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Péter Kedves
The founder, songwriter and manager of the Belau band and Palo Canto formation. For almost 10 years he has been involved in various segments of the music industry: concert organisation, promotion, management, specialising in the export of popular music. He has worked for adver…