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Series Squier Debut: A Killer of Chinese Copies on Amazon?

Like other successful manufacturers, Fender faces agile competition in the form of mostly Chinese copies of its instruments sold primarily in online stores. As a response to this situation, the very financially friendly Squier Debut guitar edition has quietly emerged from the Asian workshops of its sister company, offering Debut Stratocaster and Telecaster models with a price tag of just under 120 dollars on the well-known shopping portal. Probably the cheapest electric guitars from the official production of the Fender concern thus become a new weapon of the brand in the fight against copies covering mainly the lower end of the market on Amazon.

The Squier Debut Stratocaster and Telecaster, designed primarily for beginners received a lightweight poplar body, a maple neck with a modern C-profile, an Indian Laurel fingerboard with 21 frets, all-metal closed tuners, single-coil pickups with ceramic magnets and a matte urethane finish. Apart from the price, buyers might appreciate the two-year warranty and, last but not least, the Stratocaster or Telecaster inscription (patented designation) on the neck, which Chinese competitors listed in the company register cannot offer on their more or less successful replicas. In any case, it's a surprising move from Fender, and the reactions of the players who tested the sound and quality of these guitars are mostly positive.

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