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The fifth album exactly as fans of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple could only wish for. | Photo:
The fifth album exactly as fans of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple could only wish for. | Photo:
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Superband Black Country Communion Offers More Than Retro

Black Country Communion's all-star lineup of Glenn Hughes (vocals, bass), Joe Bonamassa (guitar), Derek Sherinian (keyboards) and Jason Bonham (drums) leaves no one in doubt that their next album, simply titled V, will be another beautiful retro trip to the rock and blues 70s.k.

Is classic rock dead? No way! The all-star band's fifth record sounds exactly as fans of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple could wish for. The songs are bursting with incredible intensity and groove, inviting you into a world where roaring rock riffs, funky rhythms and passionate, charismatic vocals combine to bring the desired atmosphere of unparalleled musicianship and fun.

The opening track "Enlighten" features groovy, heavy guitar riffs, soon joined by Glenn's timeless vocals, and you know the rock ride is about to begin. The opening of the catchy single "Stay Free" sounds like it has fallen out of Led Zeppelin's repertoire, even copying the keyboard parts of their song "Trampled Under Foot", but with an attractive funk touch.

Emotional blues flows through the slow "Restless", Hughes speaks to the listener's soul while his bandmates accompany the rock grandeur of the past with melodic solos. The storming guitar on "Red Sun", on the other hand, proves that Joe Bonamassa is not just a blues legend, but can strum the strings pretty hard, as he does on "Letting Go" with Bonhan's pounding drums.

Songs like "You're Not Alone" and "Too Far Gone" show the band at its hardest form with heavy riffs and punchy rhythms. On the other hand, songs like "Skyway" and "Love And Faith" showcase a softer and more introspective side of the band, with lyrics full of personal stories and deep emotions.

What can you appreciate about the album as musicians?

Once again, Glenn Hughes shows why he is considered one of the best rock singers of all time. His voice is still strong and full of emotion, giving each song a unique edge. Joe Bonamassa, known for his virtuoso skills on the guitar, never ceases to surprise with solos that are both technically brilliant and emotionally charged. Jason Bonham, son of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, brings incredible rhythmic precision and power to the band. His drumming is energetic and precise, giving the songs the momentum they need. Derek Sherinian, an experienced keyboardist, adds another dimension to the band's music with his atmospheric sounds and virtuoso keyboard parts.

With V, Black Country Communion show that rock music still has a lot to offer and that this superband is capable of creating music that is both modern and respectful of its roots. It's an album that deserves attention and multiple listening sessions.

Black Country Communion – V

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