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A beautiful vinyl record will definitely please many musicians. Just find out beforehand if the person in question has a gramophone. | Photo: Jamakassi
A beautiful vinyl record will definitely please many musicians. Just find out beforehand if the person in question has a gramophone. | Photo: Jamakassi
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TOP 5 Tips for Gifts for Musicians

Shopping malls blast Christmas hits out of their speakers, we are emotional, amused or even depressed due to endless commercials, and, often, cannot resist taking a selfie holding a mulled wine in front of the Christmas tree in the square. It's Christmas time and that means a classic shopping spree is on. If there's a person in your family or among your friends who calls themselves a musician, beware – they are creatures of peculiar tastes and predilections, and you won't impress them with a reindeer-themed sweater. So let's take a look at the TOP 5 tips for gifts for musicians.

1. Music accessories

If you're rolling in it, of course, you can buy a vintage guitar or a whole set of electric drums for the person in question (for parents with masochistic tendencies I recommend an acoustic set or a violin). A musical instrument will certainly please everyone, but I would recommend you buy just a little something. For guitarists, it may be a cable, a set of signature picks, new strings, a decorated leather strap or a tuner. If your budget is a bit bigger, you can look for an amp or a "cool" guitar pedal. Or how about getting a monogrammed instrument case? That's sure to make an impression!

For budding musicians, a metronome is a good gift. Sheet music is also great for any musician, and if you want to take it a step further, choose specific sheet music that the person you are buying it for will appreciate. Do you know they love 80's rock songs? A specific band or artist? You're sure to find transcriptions for them with tablature that even a beginner can play from. There are also plenty of experimental, fun and surprisingly inexpensive additional instruments, such as the TEENAGE ENGINEERING PO-33 K.O.!, percussion pad and kalimba.

2. Books and biographies

Every musician loves the stories and legends about their favourite band or celebrity. There is plenty of great literature about music and interesting biographies and autobiographies of artists to choose from. This year has seen the publication of very interesting biographical books by Britney Spears, Boy George, Dolly Parton, Barbra Streisand, Bonnie Tyler and the Chemical Brothers. For ABBA fans there is a wonderful photo book called "The Official ABBA Photobook" and Terry Newman has written an analysis of Taylor Swift's stage costumes titled "Taylor Swift: And the Clothes She Wears". Especially if you don't have a lot of time, books can be a great last-minute gift.

3. Tickets to festivals and concerts

One of the most rewarding gift ideas for musicians is tickets to festivals and concerts, especially at coveted VIP venues. Because if you're unsure of the type of strings or feel that a book is too commonplace, a ticket to see a beloved band will guarantee an enthusiastic reaction at the Christmas tree. Instead of going through lists of gifts and gadgets, see if any of the favourite artists of the person in question are performing in your city or neighbourhood. Concert tickets are also a great gift for couples, as it is a moment to share with your loved one.

4. Time in the recording studio

Recording in a professional music studio can be expensive, so this gift is not only practical but will be appreciated by most musicians who create their music and plan to release it eventually. Support local music studios in your area and find out what their prices are. This gift may also be a great way for some music lovers to fulfil their dream of singing in a studio. Give your aspiring global superstar the experience of working with professionals. You can even approach the producer to issue you a voucher for the complete production of the single. Who knows: this may jumpstart someone's promising music career.

5. Decorations

Looking for unique gift ideas that look great? A framed photo or iconic poster of your favourite band can make amazing gifts. Does the person in question collect guitars? Get them wall mounts (these almost always come in handy) or a stylish tweed case that doubles as a guitar stand when unfolded. Designer stands for your CD or vinyl record collection will also please your loved ones.

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