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Neck sanding| Photo: Wolf Guitars archive
Dreamstruments #18: Wolf Guitars
NEW GEAR 39/23: Flying V Solar, Fender fuzz, Blackstar and Woovebox Micro-Synth
What is the best way to sell a luxury SUV? Hire unsuspecting child musicians and make fun of them. Uh, but no one's laughing. | Photo: YouTube
The Commercial that Outraged All Musicians
Street musicians in Medellín (Colombia). | Photo: Matěj Ptaszek
Songs Written with a Machete #11: Cardboard Roofs
Guthrie Gowan is one of the players drawing inspiration from the sound that comes out of the amp. | Photo: Double Head Music
Guthrie Govan: In The Aristocrats, We Have an Unusual Degree of Telepathic Connection
NEW GEAR 38/23: Mojotone Effect Kits, Fender Waylon Jennings, Aguilar Cabinet and Bullfrog Synth
You don't want to be a musician who gets on other people's nerves with slow packing on stage, annoying self-promotion or pompous behaviour. | Photo: Sander Sammy (Unsplash)
TOP 5 Bad Habits in the Music World
Photo: Kal Visuals (Unsplash)
Notes of a Frontwoman #8: People Listen with Their Eyes or How to Make Promo Photos
Jane's Addiction at Rock'n Coke 2009, Istanbul | Photo: Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Milestones in Music History #45: Jane's Addiction, Nothing’s Shocking
NEW GEAR 37/23: Scarlett 4th Gen Cards, Spector "HP" Basses and Andreas Kisser's Jackson
"Sir, why do they sell those strings UNTUNED?" | Photo: Felix Koutchinski (Unsplash)
Quotes from the music school: Guitar taps, talking clefs and the art of excuses
Acupedia, source: Pixabay
The Handbook for Electro Acoustic Guitarists, Chapter 6: Acupedia
NEW GEAR 36/23: Friedman JEL amp, Trigon-6 module and new era of ROSS effects
A good producer is half the battle. | Photo:, by CC0
12 Skills Your Music Producer Should Have
Medellín, Colombia. | Photo: Matěj Ptaszek
Songs Written with a Machete #10: The Fire That Burns Your Skin
NEW GEAR 35/23: TCE High-Gain Preamps, Strat Juanez, Apogee Microphone and SBC Synth
No punk singing in the rain is worth ruined instruments or an electric shock to the body. | Photo: Magnus Lunay (Unsplash)
3 Tips on How (Not) To Play a Gig When It’s Raining Cats and Dogs
The Wipers | Photo: official website (
Milestones in Music History #44: Wipers – at the Origins of Grunge
NEW GEAR 34/23: Marshall Amps, IKM Synth, G&L Guitars and the Return of Sunn
Human creativity has indeed no limits. We can invent quite incredible musical instruments. | Photo: British Library
TOP 10 Crazy Musical Instruments
The Handbook for Electro Acoustic Guitarists, Chapter 5: Preamps
NEW GEAR 33/23: EHX has downsized the POG octave pedal, Boss offers the GM-800 synthesiser, Jackson launches a premium guitar edition, Finland's Darkglass introduces a new amp and Blackstar unveils its first plugin
The unwritten laws of the music world can be absurd and relentless. | Photo: Vasiko Gorkovoy (Unsplash)
TOP 5 Absurd Laws of the Music World
As a customer, your relationship with Jirka Mázl will be close. The initial interview can take up to several hours. | Photo: archive of Jirka Mázl
Dreamstruments #17: Jirka Mázl (Mazl Custom Guitars)