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Actress Brie Larson and the First Relic Version of the Fender Acoustasonic
Slap technique relies on the thumb. Everything starts and ends with the thumb | Photo: Katya Austin (Unsplash)
Bass Around the World #27: The Best Thumb Warm-up
Janet Robin - Harmonics
Janet Robin & Taylor #9: Harmonics for Acoustic Guitar
Communist ideas, anger, frustration or stalkers. All these dark themes are hidden in famous songs without audience even realizing it. | Photo: Mason Kimbarovsky (Unsplash)
TOP 5 Completely Misunderstood Hits
Offset guitars were made from the same materials as Telecasters and Stratocasters.
Under the Hood #16: Offset Guitar Fender
Korg Opsix
A Digital Delight, the Korg Opsix: Altered FM Synthesizer
Roland Juno-X: Successor to the Iconic ZEN-Core Synths
Dale Bozzio and Prescott Niles | Photo courtesy of Prescott Niles
Prescott Niles (the Knack): Music Gives You the Ability to Overcome National and Personal Tragedy
Guitar Gear Alert: May 2022
"Zelensky: The Man with the Iron Balls:" Les Claypool and Co. Dedicated a Song to the Ukrainian President
Are you a snob, or not? | Photo: Pixabay
7 Symptoms of Musical Snobbery
Pedalboard Gems #17: GFI Specular Reverb V3
Seed To Tree at Kulturfabrik, Luxembourg | Photo: Creative Commons
All Eyes on Luxembourg: “There Was Never a Question about the Language of Our Music,” Say De Läb. Sure?
Kurzweil M115 Digital Piano
Brian Jones and Michael Cooper in 1967 | Photo: Ben Merk CC BY-SA 3.0
Milestones in Music History #12: The Rise and Fall of Brian Jones
Behringer Deepmind 6
Behringer’s Deepmind 6: Convoluted or Nestled in Consciousness
Boss GX-100 Touchscreen Preamp/Multi-Effect
Jackson's mix of fusion, sixteenth-note bass lines, chromatic escapades and especially his incredible avant-garde approach to playing jazz-funk bass lines had a great impact on my playing. 
Bass Around the World #26: Paul Jackson Grooves
“High Plains Drifter”: First Song From Kirk Hammett’s New EP
Let's play with our imaginations and explore three hypothetical scenarios of the near-future musical world | Photo: Drew Beamer (Unsplash)
The Future of Music: Three Scenarios
The scale length affects the sound, the feeling of playing the guitar, and, mainly, the comfort of playing, which is something to keep in mind when choosing a guitar.
Under the Hood #15: Different Scale Lengths of Fender Guitars
Puzzle Effects: Pedals That Don't Need Cables
Frederik Knop | Photo: Felix Zimmermann
Frederik Knop (HEDD Audio): We Want to Be Innovative and Cutting Edge with Everything We Do
Miscellaneous Gear Alert: April 2022