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Jens Ritter Encore: a $40,000 Deluxe Amp
OD Guitars: Guitars Designed by Artificial Intelligence
Every musician needs visibility and relevance in the scene. The easiest thing is always to shock or at least arouse passionate reactions. But what if millions of other people on social media are trying to do the same? | Photo: Georg Arthur Pflueger (Unsplash)
TOP 5 Negative Trends of the Contemporary Music Scene
The Hex bass has a hexagonal shape with a shorter lower bout for easier access to higher positions – a design that is certainly true to the name Brute, as it is remotely reminiscent of mid-twentieth century Brutalist architecture. | Photo: Instagram Brute Bass Guitars
Dreamstruments #27: Brute Bass Guitars
B. B. King je known for his melodic vibrato. | Photo: Foto: Heinrich Klaffs, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
(Un)usual Guitar Techniques #1: Vibrato
The duo chose songs that make you dance, and it's almost impossible to sit still while listening. | Photo: archiv
Rod Stewart and Jools Holland Struck by Swing Fever
NEW GEAR 14/24: Godin Lerxst, Mooer Prime S1, Drive EBS and Roland LX Pianos
Nobody knows what exactly Frank does for a living, but he has a spare cable in his van just in case you find out that your guitar is making some weird noise just before a gig. | Photo: Adi Goldstein (Unsplash)
TOP 5 Friends You Will Need as a Band
Paul Simon wrote the song when he was only 21 years old, and it's early proof of his songwriting talent. | Photo: Bob Bogaerts (PDM 1.0 DEED)
Story of a Hit #19: "The Sound of Silence"
Lonnie Donegan riding on the Rock Island Line in 1956. | Photo: Public Domain via Wikimedia
Milestones in Music History #54: Lonnie Donegan, The Man Who Shaped Modern Music
The Iron Maiden frontman offers a record that's perfected down to the last detail.  | Photo: adels
Bruce Dickinson's Solo Album Storms with Dark Emotions
NEW GEAR 13/24: Victory, Epiphone Firebird, Line 6 POD Express and Katana:Go
Jack White and his Fender Low Rider Telecaster Modification
A favourite target of criticism by all bass "professors" of merits – the thumb that is not neatly hidden behind the neck and is obnoxiously poking above the E string. | Photo: Artmaster
TOP 5 Bass Playing Techniques Forbidden by Academics
It's probably time to say that major chords are not "cheerful" and that minor keys can work well even in very positive compositions. | Photo: Bailey Zindel (Unsplash)
Music is Not Rocket Science #3: The Myth of Happy Major and Sad Minor
Instrument with Arctic Blue Burst finish | Photo: web Tom Anderson Guitarworks
Legendary and Mythical Guitars #2: Tom Anderson Guitarworks
MGMT | Photo: Jonah Freeman
MGMT Break Through the Mist to the Indie Pop Light on the New Album
NEW GEAR 12/24: PRS SE CE 24 SS, Mooer Modellers, Tama Snare and Circa 74 Combo Amp
Model Twenty-Two: Futuristic Amp in the Style of a Computer Monitor
Mick Mars' Guitar Collection (ex Mötley Crüe)
 If you want a revolution, become a revolutionary, not a musician. | Photo: Pixabay
10 Tips for Musicians Who Are Missing the Boat
Radim Syvala | Photo: Dr.Hyenik
Dreamstruments #26: Red Ant Stompboxes
"I was so lucky to be in London with The Clash because they were always doing things. It was a very creative time," says Pearl | Photo: Anthony Masterson
Pearl Harbour: I Couldn't Get on the Radio Because of My Name
Joshua Paul Davis, aka DJ Shadow, at the Roxy Club, Prague | Photo: Filip Kůstka / Fource Entertainment
Concert Review: DJ Shadow, at Roxy, Prague, Connecting the Past and the Present