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Jane's Addiction at Rock'n Coke 2009, Istanbul | Photo: Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Milestones in Music History #45: Jane's Addiction, Nothing’s Shocking
NEW GEAR 37/23: Scarlett 4th Gen Cards, Spector "HP" Basses and Andreas Kisser's Jackson
"Sir, why do they sell those strings UNTUNED?" | Photo: Felix Koutchinski (Unsplash)
Quotes from the Music School: Guitar Taps, Talking Clefs and the Art of Excuses
Acupedia, source: Pixabay
The Handbook for Electro Acoustic Guitarists, Chapter 6: Acupedia
NEW GEAR 36/23: Friedman JEL amp, Trigon-6 module and new era of ROSS effects
A good producer is half the battle. | Photo:, by CC0
12 Skills Your Music Producer Should Have
Medellín, Colombia. | Photo: Matěj Ptaszek
Songs Written with a Machete #10: The Fire That Burns Your Skin
NEW GEAR 35/23: TCE High-Gain Preamps, Strat Juanez, Apogee Microphone and SBC Synth
No punk singing in the rain is worth ruined instruments or an electric shock to the body. | Photo: Magnus Lunay (Unsplash)
3 Tips on How (Not) To Play a Gig When It’s Raining Cats and Dogs
The Wipers | Photo: official website (
Milestones in Music History #44: Wipers – at the Origins of Grunge
NEW GEAR 34/23: Marshall Amps, IKM Synth, G&L Guitars and the Return of Sunn
Human creativity has indeed no limits. We can invent quite incredible musical instruments. | Photo: British Library
TOP 10 Crazy Musical Instruments
The Handbook for Electro Acoustic Guitarists, Chapter 5: Preamps
NEW GEAR 33/23: EHX has downsized the POG octave pedal, Boss offers the GM-800 synthesiser, Jackson launches a premium guitar edition, Finland's Darkglass introduces a new amp and Blackstar unveils its first plugin
The unwritten laws of the music world can be absurd and relentless. | Photo: Vasiko Gorkovoy (Unsplash)
TOP 5 Absurd Laws of the Music World
As a customer, your relationship with Jirka Mázl will be close. The initial interview can take up to several hours. | Photo: archive of Jirka Mázl
Dreamstruments #17: Jirka Mázl (Mazl Custom Guitars)
"The hardest part for me was writing the songs for the singers, leaving the guitars on the sidelines and allowing the vocals to lead the whole song." | Photo: Ana Massard
Nita Strauss: It doesn't matter if you play a cheap or expensive guitar, the important thing is just to start playing
NEW GEAR 32/23: Luxurious John McLaughlin PRS, First Fender Bass Ukulele, John Petrucci’s Software and Quiet Cymbals Zultan
The way Mark Knopfler uses his fingers is absolutely fantastic. The brilliance of his contact with the guitar, the speed, the creation of a distinctive Stratocaster tone like no one else has is breathtaking. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons
5 “Pickless” Electric Guitarists
Agent Orange performing at the House of Blues in San Diego, California on October 3, 2011 | Photo: IllaZilla (via Wikimedia Commons, CC 3.0)
Milestones in Music History #43: Agent Orange, Surfing the Crest of Punk
NEW GEAR 31/23: Vintage StingRay Special Series, Sabian Octagonal Cymbal, Top Antelope Monitors and Solar Guitars' Chop Shop Guitar
Get an idea of the kind of people who might like your music. Your promotional campaigns will have a much better impact. | Photo: Melanie Deziel (Unsplash)
TOP 5 Recurring Mistakes in Music Self-Promotion
Procession, Colombia. | Photo: Matěj Ptaszek
Songs Written with a Machete #9: Don't dig a grave for me!
NEW GEAR 30/23: Alex Lifeson's Epiphone LP Custom, Boss ME-90 multi-effect, Warwick Bass Amp and the Comeback of the Top Sabian Ride