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Come to Festiwall to get new energy for your work and try everything you can think of.  | Photo: Jan Nožička
Festiwall: Unique Trade Fairs, Concerts and Workshops this weekend
Guitar Gear Alert: September 2022
Milli Vanilli took it to the extreme in the nineties with a shameless complete playback where they didn't even sing. | Photo: Globe Photos / Mediapunch / Shutterstock
Notes of a Frontwoman #3: Potemkin Villages of Half-Playbacks
Sometimes it's challenging to assemble hardware from only 2D parts, but that's the beauty of it," laughs Florian. | Photo: Millimetric Instruments
Dreamstruments #4: Florian Bouyou Millimetric Instruments
With his Denis D'or Prokop Diviš could emulate the sound of harpsichords, harps, lutes, chordophones and wind instruments. | Photo: Michal Maňas (CC-BY-4.0)
Milestones in Music History #21: Prokop Diviš and the First Electronic Instrument
We keep each other in line. We're all able to be leaders, so we all take that position at different times. | Photo: Better Noise Music
Derek Day (Classless Act): We Take Our Music Seriously, but Not Ourselves
Music education is a great hobby. But what types of students can you meet at lessons? | Photo: Haley Powers
TOP 10 Aspiring Music Students
Zdeněk Macho in his workshop. | Photo: author
Dreamstruments #3: Macho Guitars
Some acts in Australia are singing in their own Indigenous language | Photo: Bernard Spragg (CC by 2.0)
All Eyes on Australia with Toby Alexander: Indigenous Artists Are Really Popular in Australia Right Now
Data rule the world today and if you know who is listening to you and where, you can target your new work to the right audience. | Photo: Oto Burger
Notes of a Frontwoman #2: "I'll Do It Myself" or Releasing a Single from A to Z
Eric Clapton's Signature model exemplifies the modern thinking of the era around Dan Smith| Photo:
Under the Hood #24: Fender and the First Signature Guitar of Eric Clapton
In Glitch beauty was found in the incomplete, the ugly and imperfection | Photo: Glitch Art by Rosa Menkman (CC-by-2.0)
Milestones in Music History #20: Glitch. The Beauty of Imperfection.
Miscellaneous Gear Alert: August 2022
Does everything actually sound out of tune and our ears have just got used to it over the years? How much do we perceive the inadequacies of the tuning of our musical instruments? | Photo: Alexis Baydoun (Unsplash)
Tyranny of Modern Temperament Tuning
In a fit of artistic inspiration, George took a brush and adorned his guitar with bright red, green and yellow | Photo: Fender website
Fender's George Harrison Rocky Stratocaster
It can't be said that the Jazz Bass was an improved Precision—rather, it took its potential to the next level
Under the Hood #23: Fender Jazz Bass
“The beauty is absolutely in the simplicity of being a trio... more isn't always better,” says J.P. Kallio of Sliotar | Photo: band's press kit
Sliotar: "Hearing Somebody Sing With Pain in His Voice Gives You Permission To Let Go"
Evaluating, comparing, praising... or criticising. This is also the reality of annual concerts and competitions at music schools. | Photo: flickr
5 “Tips” on How to Make Children Sick of Music
Notes of a Frontwoman #1: Five New Insights Into Studio Recording
The legacy that The Strokes has left to history is immense - Is This It is generally considered one of the most influential albums of all time | Photo: Matt from Orlando, USA (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Milestones in Music History #19: The Strokes, a New Indie Era
Guitar Gear Alert: August 2022
Orange Supernatural Hot Sauce: When You Like It "High-Gain"
Every musician has a weakness when it comes to their own work. Praise their wise lyrics, high-end production or great instrumental performance and they'll do anything for you. | Photo: Boudewijn Huysmans (Unsplash)
TOP 5 Dirty Tricks to Fool Any Musician
In 1951, Precision Bass met all the criteria of true musical innovation.
Under the Hood #22: Fender Precision Bass and Its Evolution