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Joshua Paul Davis, aka DJ Shadow, at the Roxy Club, Prague | Photo: Filip Kůstka / Fource Entertainment
Concert Review: DJ Shadow, at Roxy, Prague, Connecting the Past and the Present
NEW GEAR 11/24: Charvel Superstrat, Martin Acoustics, Keeley Drive and Korg Modwave MKII
Devastated Gibson LP Jr.: Rare Model from the First-ever Series
Fender Celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the Stratocaster, the Most Popular Electric Guitar of All Time
The statue of Bedřich Smetana in Prague's Novotného lávka, which also houses the composer's museum. Tourists who, like to take pictures of Prague Castle from here, are probably more familiar with Dvořák's New World Symphony than with Smetana's work. | Photo: Flickr
Bedřich Smetana: Dave Mustaine of the 19th Century?
If you get a chance to talk to kind and charismatic Richard for a while, you will quickly develop a positive relationship with his instruments. You almost feel that this nice guy can never make or sell any junk.  | Photo: archiv Santa Cruz Guitar
Legendary and Mythical Guitars #1: Santa Cruz Guitar Company
The prodigious synth TONTO ("The Original New Timbral Orchestra") | Photo: r/pics via Reddit
Milestones in Music History #53: Tonto's Expanding Head Band, New Synths, New Sounds
Motörhead has always been a great live band and this box set proves it.  | Photo: Tina Korhonen
The Löst Tapes Collection Brings to Life the Power of Motörhead's Live Performances
NEW GEAR 10/24: Yamaha Pacifica, Vox Valvenergy 2, Tama Starclassic Mirage and Korg Piano
New London Gibson Garage Store and Special LP Custom
"We're currently working on our live set for the first show, but our main priority is to finish our debut album," says Péter Kedves about the plans of the fusion techno project Palo Canto.  | Photo: project's archive
Palo Canto: Live Session at Sunset to Fusion Techno Rhythm
Many especially five-piece bands can't resist the temptation to form a V behind their frontman. The Foo Fighters are no exception, and the brick wall in the background is of course not to be missed. | Photo: Live Nation
TOP 8 Greatest Clichés in Band Photography
With "Imagine" Lennon doubled down on his message for the world, in what is arguably his most radical song. | Photo: Eric Koch (PDM 1.0 DEED)
Story of a Hit #18: "Imagine"
Charles Darwin didn't think much of the importance of music in terms of his theory of evolution, but he believed that music made us more attractive to the opposite sex and therefore contributed to the replication of our genes. | Photo: Edward Cisneros (Unsplash)
Music is Not Rocket Science #2: Is Music Sexy?
"I really like the feel of playing drums – the tactile, haptic response I get from the instrument," says Tony Buck. | Photo: Holimage
Tony Buck: Drum Kit Is like a Kaleidoscope
NEW GEAR 9/24: Squier LE 60s Limited Series, Gibson LP Studio Modern, Vox AC HW and Walrus Delay
Mitxela: The World's Smallest MIDI Synthesiser?
How do you deal with time pressure? What if you only had 30 minutes a day to practice your guitar? And can you practice without an instrument in your hand? | Photo: Soundtrap (Unsplash)
TOP 5 Practice Methods without an Instrument
Dan Koentopp with his classical guitars. l Source: Koentopp guitars Facebook
Dreamstruments #25: Koentopp Guitars
Guitar Effects Guide #3: Transparent Overdrive
"The album In Death's Eyes is an honest guide to a destabilising experience," says Petra Hermanova. | Photo: Spiros Droussiotis
Petra Hermanova: Berlin Is an Island Where Many Artists Like to Get Shipwrecked
NEW GEAR 8/24: Gibson Combo Amps, Boss VE-22, Vox amPlug3 Series and Yamaha SEQTRAK Groovebox
Test of 16 Guitar Power Amps: Choose Your Rackmount Favourite
The inner critic is like a parent, a teacher, a sound engineer and a bartender, all in one – it knows exactly when your intonation has been out, when you’ve failed to build a solo, when your timing has fallen apart and when your inventiveness in song lyrics has reached an artistic low. | Photo: Dolo Iglesias (Unsplash)
Top 5 Strict Music Critics or Are Mummy and Sound Engineer Always Right?