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"I don't need to shout out that something's bothering me inside. I just have a very strong desire to make beautiful things," says Matyáš Adámek. | Photo: Kamil Ansorge
Matyáš Adámek (Island Mint): I Have a Strong Desire to Create Beautiful Things
NEW GEAR 3/24: “Budweiser” Fenders, Deuce Coupe Drive and Rack Compressor from GainLab Audio
Social media can sometimes be an amazing source of inspiration if you follow the right artists. | Photo: Unsplash
TOP 5 New Year Facebook Quotes
Nicolai Schorr in the workshop l Photo: Schorr guitars Facebook page
Dreamstruments #23: Schorr Guitars
If you don't want alternative solutions and it’s ok for you that the current production doesn't have much in common with the original one except for the chassis and colour, you're lucky. Ibanez still makes the two most popular versions: TS 808 and TS9.
Guitar Effects Guide #1: Ibanez Tube Screamer Overdrive and its Modern Alternatives
Jono Heyes and Jerry Boys. | Photo: Paxart Studios
Jerry Boys in the Czech Republic: Video Interview from Jono Heyes & Beehive Recording Session
NEW GEAR 2/24: Kemper Player Pedal, Avantone Nearfields and Istanbul Cymbals
Are you fascinated by the deeper layers of the musical world? Do questions come to your mind that have no answers and are all the more appealing for it? | Photo: D A V I D S O N L U N A
TOP 5 Fascinating Theories on Music
Medellín, Colombia. | Photo: Matěj Ptaszek
Songs Written with a Machete #15: When a Murderer Shaves Your Neck with a Razor
Flying Lotus @ ACL Music Fest 2016. | Photo: Chris via Wikipedia (CC BY 2.0)
Milestones in Music History #50: Flying Lotus, Beyond Any Definition
NEW GEAR 1/24: Slash SL-100 Head, Colletti Super Strats and PJB Bass Combo
What the Year 2023 Brought to Musicians
"God Only Knows" stands out, even amongst the other gems on Pet Sounds, because it is quintessentially a Beach Boys song, but also because it is remarkably unique and sophisticated. | Photo: H. Michael Karshis (Flickr, CC BY 2.0 DEED)
Story of a Hit #15: "God Only Knows"
The Handbook for Electro Acoustic Guitarists, Chapter 11: Home Recording
NEW GEAR 52/23: Soldano Amps, Gretsch Kits, Anniversary Stratocasters and Schecter Basses
The Firebird's main features that influence its playing characteristics include the neck-through design and the original mini-humbuckers | Photo: Gibson
6 Guitarists Riding on the Back of Gibson's Firebird
Michal Tůma in the workshop. | Photo: Tuma pickups archive
Dreamstruments #22: Tuma Pickups
NEW GEAR 51/23: Boss Amp & Cabinet IR-2, Jimmy Page's Super Dragon and Behringer Synth
A beautiful vinyl record will definitely please many musicians. Just find out beforehand if the person in question has a gramophone. | Photo: Jamakassi
TOP 5 Tips for Gifts for Musicians
A Colombian villager isn't born with much, but he values everything he has because he will not get anything more. | Photo: Matěj Ptaszek
Songs Written with a Machete #14: I Love My Machete
The Dillinger Escape Plan during their final tour in 2017. | Photo: Itokyl via Wikimedia (CC BY 4.0)
Milestones in Music History #49: The Dillinger Escape Plan, Calculating Infinity
NEW GEAR 50/23: Sabian Stratus Edition, Ibanez Fretless and New S by Solar
What is it that makes the "old" ones so attractive when there is a lot of new – and good – music being created? |  Photo: Universal
When Dinosaurs Take Over the Charts
"Skyfall" was the first Bond title song to win an Academy Award and a Grammy. | Photo: Alex Kormis (CC BY 2.0 DEED)
Story of a Hit #14: "Skyfall"