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A farmer in a Colombian village. | Photo: Matěj Ptaszek
Songs Written with a Machete #17: A Bloody Mouth and an Ink-Stained Finger
Arthur Brown changed the world of psychedelic and experimental rock music forever. | Photo: Bryan Ledgard via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)
Milestones in Music History #52: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Fire and Theatrics
"I think Mat most certainly had a clear idea about how he wanted it to sound because it is essentially Mat's album," says Jennie Bellestar | Photo: Mat Sargent's archive
Jennie Bellestar: There Is Not Much Music I Don't Like
NEW GEAR 7/24: Tama Reissue Kit, Walrus Tube Fuzz, DiMarzio Pickups and Laney Box
A Vending Machine in a New Zealand Bar Rewards You with a Beer for Playing Guitar
We assume that bagpipes come from Scotland, don't we? However, archaeological findings suggest that the Hittites were playing bagpipes as early as 1000 BC. | Photo: Wallpaper Flare
TOP 5 Musical Curiosities from All Around the World
It would become one of popular music's greatest songs of nostalgia and self-reflection. | Photo: Brett Jordan, Flickr (CC BY 2.0 DEED)
Story of a Hit #17: "My Way"
Where does music come from? Is it a mere luxury, a mathematical play of intervals or our vital instinct? | Photo: William White (Unsplash)
Music is Not Rocket Science #1: Universal Instinct
Jesper Kyd, author of Assassin's Creed. | Photo: Soundsgate
Composers Summit Prague: The Legendary Assassin's Creed Comes to Life at the Municipal House
NEW GEAR 6/24: Ibanez Guitars and Effects, Laney BCC, Tama Snare and ZIO Bass Preamp
Ascender Series: Travel Electric Guitars by Ciari Guitars
The male falsetto is often ridiculed as "effeminate", "soft" or even "gay", especially in the context of pop music. When it comes to rockers who use a high head register, we don't hear those kinds of comments much – rock has always been seen as a "masculine" genre, disregarding the falsetto. | Photo: Steven Erixon (Unsplash)
TOP 5 Rock Singers who Sing in Falsetto
David Mák in the workshop. | Photo: Jakub Vít
Dreamstruments #24: Salz Guitars
Guitar Effects Guide #2: The Klon Centaur – Does One Effect Rule Them All?
"The fact that people are still listening to us and staying with us on our journey, really means so much." | Photo: Filip Kůstka / Fource
Justin Young (The Vaccines): We Want People to Feel Less Alone, We Want to Feel Less Alone
NEW GEAR 5/24: Spector Graffiti basses, Suhr heads, Martin acoustics and Dubreq theremin
Kirk Hammett Owns Hundreds of Wah Pedals. Which One Is His Studio Number One?
Taylor Swift writes about herself, her feelings, she is confident, successful and has karma on her side. What more could you want from life and career, right? | Photo: Eva Rinaldi
TOP 5 Reasons Why We Need to Talk About Taylor Swift
Independence Day in Colombia | Photo: Matěj Ptaszek
Songs Written with a Machete #16: Hijo de puta!
Link Wray in Seattle in 2005. | Photo: Eric Frommer via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)
Milestones in Music History #51: Link Wray, The Distortion Wizard
NEW GEAR 4/24: MXR Delay, Suhr CSV Limited Series, BITE Bass and GigRig G3S Controller
"We talked about how all the trends and the aesthetics start to feel like they’re bleached out, how many people have become elitist snobs based on their interest, and how we’re too young to reach out for nostalgia. So I decided to write harsher lines than usual and stir things up a bit," explains Ben T Kadar the inspiration behind the song "Eastern Boytoy". | Photo: Artist's press kit
Ben T Kadar as a Bizarre Puppet in the Snares of Humankind
Albert King is once and for all the greatest personality behind the Flying V guitar. | Photo: flickr
Five Guitarists Who Prove That Flying V Is Not (Just) a Metal Guitar
Dance phenomena have a special place in helping elevate songs to mega-hit status and the "Macarena" is no exception. | Photo: BMG / RCA / Zafiro S.A (Wikimedia Commons)
Story of a Hit #16: "Macarena"