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"The hardest part for me was writing the songs for the singers, leaving the guitars on the sidelines and allowing the vocals to lead the whole song." | Photo: Ana Massard
Nita Strauss: It doesn't matter if you play a cheap or expensive guitar, the important thing is just to start playing
NEW GEAR 32/23: Luxurious John McLaughlin PRS, First Fender Bass Ukulele, John Petrucci’s Software and Quiet Cymbals Zultan
The way Mark Knopfler uses his fingers is absolutely fantastic. The brilliance of his contact with the guitar, the speed, the creation of a distinctive Stratocaster tone like no one else has is breathtaking. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons
5 “Pickless” Electric Guitarists
Agent Orange performing at the House of Blues in San Diego, California on October 3, 2011 | Photo: IllaZilla (via Wikimedia Commons, CC 3.0)
Milestones in Music History #43: Agent Orange, Surfing the Crest of Punk
NEW GEAR 31/23: Vintage StingRay Special Series, Sabian Octagonal Cymbal, Top Antelope Monitors and Solar Guitars' Chop Shop Guitar
Get an idea of the kind of people who might like your music. Your promotional campaigns will have a much better impact. | Photo: Melanie Deziel (Unsplash)
TOP 5 Recurring Mistakes in Music Self-Promotion
Procession, Colombia. | Photo: Matěj Ptaszek
Songs Written with a Machete #9: Don't dig a grave for me!
NEW GEAR 30/23: Alex Lifeson's Epiphone LP Custom, Boss ME-90 multi-effect, Warwick Bass Amp and the Comeback of the Top Sabian Ride
It's no longer cool to smash your own instruments against the speakers. Just destroy the local equipment. They'll love you. | Photo: Xavier Von Erlach (Unsplash)
5 Tips on How to Bug Music Event Organizers
The Handbook for Electro Acoustic Guitarists, Chapter 4: Combinations
NEW GEAR 29/23:Japanese version of EVH guitars, Synclavier II evolution and AmpWorx preamps from TCE
The festival season is in full swing, but not all events go well. Sometimes due to weather, sloppy organisation or cancelled performances of popular headliners. | Photo: Aliane Schwartzhaupt
TOP 3 Disastrous Festivals
Japanese avant-garde composer Tōru Takemitsu. | Photo: Public domain (via Wikimedia Commons)
Milestones in Music History #42: Tōru Takemitsu, Achieving Beauty
NEW GEAR 28/23: PRS Unveils New Signature, Boss Introduces Analog Delay and Dynamo its First Bass Amp
Bryan Adams | Photo: Marco Maas, by CCA 2.0 Generic
10 Coolest Summer Hits
Vlasa in action | Photo: Archive of Vlasa
Dreamstruments #16: Vlasa & Black
NEW GEAR 27/23: Taylor Gets into Electric Guitars, Fender Dabbles in Fashion and Ampeg Focuses on Design
Have you ever tried really wild guitar tuning? A combination that totally shatters your learned fingering and opens the door to unexplored sound universes? | Photo: Vitalii Khodzinskyi (Unsplash)
TOP 5 Unique Guitar Tunings
The Handbook for Electro Acoustic Guitarists, Chapter 3: Microphones
"Boss" Triple Metal Zone: Madness by 903 Effects
How does music help you? | Photo: Pixabay
10 Reasons Why Music Improves Your Health
Rolling Stones Mobile Vintage Studio
Morton Subotnick in Concert in 2011. | Photo: Sascha Pohflepp (CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons)
Milestones in Music History #41: Morton Subotnick, The Innovator
Miscellaneous Gear Alert: June 2023