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Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster and Telecaster El Mocambo
Items from the first two series can easily circulate among parents and children.| Photo: Ortega Guitars
How Ortega Instruments Bring the Family Together
Raja Kirik | Photo courtesy of the artist
Raja Kirik: Know the Tradition in Order to Destroy It
What Happens When You Pull Nylon Strings on a Telecaster?
When creating the soundtrack, DVA mostly used a combination of field recordings on a dictaphone (train station, laundry, siren test, water plant) with acoustic instruments. | Illustration: Charles Games
DVA releases a Game Soundtrack to Accompany the Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich
Ed Sheeran | Photo:
5 Tips on How To Steal a Song and Not Be Given a Rap on the Knuckles
Pedalboard Gems #19: Way Huge Atreides
Zvivko Vasilev performing on kaval | Photo: Courtesy of the artist
All Eyes on Bulgaria with Zhivko Vasilev: “It’s Still Possible for Musicians to Live in Sofia Doing Music Only”
ESP Eclipse Nosferatu: Another Pyrograph Limited Edition
Los Saicos | Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Milestones in Music History #14: Los Saicos, The Peruvian Dinosaurs of Punk
Fender Custom Shop Prestige Collection 2022
Our focus today will be major arpeggios, particularly with a basic three-note major arpeggio
Bass Around the World #28: Fifty Shades of Arpeggios
GusGus: The Driving Force behind GusGus Always Was Exploration
TOP 3 Bizarre Music Stories
Jazzmaster was an original, modern guitar that once again came up with something new and broke stereotypes.
Under the Hood #17: Fender Jazzmaster
Roland E-4, J-6 and T-8: Three Models From the New AIRA Compact Series
The Moog Grandmother
The Moog Grandmother: An American Classic Semi-Modular Analogue Muscle Machine
Miscellaneous Gear Alert: May 2022
Janet Robin - Using Capos
Janet Robin & Taylor #10: Using Capos on Acoustic Guitar
The important thing is to show that you do know "Master Of Puppets" and can play it, albeit badly, but damn fast and loud.| Photo: Gustavo Fring (
5 Tips on How (Not) to Be a Jerk in the Music Shop
Pedalboard Gems #18: Univibe
Boban & Marko Marković | Photo: promo Piranha
All Eyes on Serbia with Bojan Djordjević
Novation FLkey Mini & FLkey 37 MIDI Keyboards
Hanoi, Vietnam | Photo David McKelvey, from Brisbane, Australia, CC BY 2.0
Milestones in Music History #13: 60s and 70s Rock Music from Southeast Asia