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Katana 500 BH, Cabinet 112 and ME-90B Processor: the Boss Bass Package
It has probably never been easier to make music in the history of mankind. You have an endless selection of quality and affordable home studio tools and equipment at your disposal. | Photo: Yannis Papanastasopoulos (Unsplash)
TOP 5 Positive Trends of the Contemporary Music Scene
According to statistics, "The Times They Are a-Changin'" is Dylan's twenty-third most-played song at concerts | Photo:  Xavier Badosa, CC BY 2.0
Covered #1: Bob Dylan – The Times They Are a-Changin'
Pearl Jam have lost none of their youthful fierceness. | Photo: Danny Clinch
On Dark Matter, Pearl Jam Sounds Energetic and Upbeat
Caparison Guitars | Photo: Paul Ouzounov
Legendary and Mythical Guitars 4#: Caparison Guitars
NEW GEAR 18/24: Slash's LP Replica, BITE Bass, PDP Snare and Zildjian Z Custom 2024 Cymbals
Detail of a Fender guitar by guitarist David Brown with illustrations by Sarah Gallenberger. | Photo: Martin Novotný
Kytary Is Now Selling Fender Instruments Built Only by the World's Top Thirteen Guitar Makers
TOP 5 Intersections Between Music and Architecture
Rhythm is a seemingly simple matter – but how is it actually possible that something can move us almost automatically, as if we were puppets on strings? | Photo: Nicholas Jeffries (Unsplash)
Music is Not Rocket Science #4: Rhythm and Tempo
Steve Morse skilfully controls the volume of each note with his right pinky finger during his solos. | Photo: Mark Ellis
(Un)usual Guitar Techniques #2: Volume knob
The songs sound as if Britpop and the Beatles rose from the dead in Ohio. | Photo: chevy/Wikimedia commons
The Black Keys Playfully Travel in Time Once Again
NEW GEAR 17/24: PRS S2 Upgrade, Roland Keyboards, Fodera Bass and Nux Power Supply
Fender Tom DeLonge Starcaster in a Semi-hollow Version
Fans are the water of life and we couldn't do without them. But some of them can be a bit annoying. | Photo: Alberto Bigoni
TOP 5 Annoying Types of Fans
Milan aka Mulen Zelenka in the workshop. | Photo: author
Dreamstruments #28: Carpathian Guitars
Ron and Russell Mail from Sparks in Tokyo, 2017. | Photo: Takahiro Kyono via Flickr (Wikimedia CC 3.0)
Milestones in Music History #55: Sparks, An Artful Act
On their tenth album, Elbow entertain from start to finish. | Photo: Press
Elbow Travel in Time Far Away from Guitar Rock
NEW GEAR 16/24: Jackson Soloist SL2, Celestion 100, Line 6 and Roland RD-08 Combos
The Music Man Custom Design Experience: a Customised StingRay Dream
Isn't it actually liberating and, in fact, likeably egalitarian that if someone wants to, they can present their work publicly, regardless of how technically perfect it is or is not? | Photo: Daniel Chekalov (Unsplash)
TOP 5 Reasons Why We Like "Weird" Voices
It is a true folk classic, having crossed continents and recorded by countless artists, who have all left their mark on it. | Photo: Gilles Péris via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0 DEED)
Story of a Hit #20: "House of the Rising Sun"
Lowden guitars are different from the products from American manufacturers in the same price range. They have a more "wooden" and "round" look to them. | Photo: Lowden Guitars
Legendary and Mythical Guitars #3: Lowden Guitars
Fifty-five minutes fly by in a flash and help us recap Sum 41's musical evolution. | Photo: Travis Shinn
Sum 41 Balancing between Heaven and Hell one Last Time
NEW GEAR 15/24: Explorers Gripen, Keeley Drives, Mesa Boogie Cabinets, Pearl Snares and Warwick Basses