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Items from the first two series can easily circulate among parents and children.| Photo: Ortega Guitars
Items from the first two series can easily circulate among parents and children.| Photo: Ortega Guitars
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How Ortega Instruments Bring the Family Together

At home with your family, you can grow musically, every one according to their own needs and preferences. Some people got rid of their electric guitars and kept only the boxes to experiment in a DAW with them. Others prefer to play music without technology and with more love, i.e. more physical work and less discord with annoyed neighbours. The other camp is currently being targeted by a heavyweight in acoustic instruments, the German Ortega. It has produced the Family Pro, Private Room and the Gaucho series.

Items from the first two series can easily circulate among parents and children. These are for example the R55, the darker BFT, and the more sophisticated DLX with a partially bevelled top edge. For the younger ones with soft finger pads, the nylon strings Savarez 510CJ are pulled on; and for the older and more advanced ones, there's a solid Engelmann spruce top. It looks nice and sounds nice too, especially if you prefer a full and bright tone with a more subtle and refined touch. The sides and back made from catalpa wood emphasise the character of the top even more.

A similar approach is reflected in the reissue of RSM from the Private Room series. From the outside, it resembles an artwork by a bored child. However, the spalted maple on the top will attract mainly gourmets who play with their eyes first. The neck is tapered to 48 millimetres at the zero fret, taking into account the smaller and less strong hands of complete beginners. You can trust them with your instruments for yet another reason. They're durable and solidly made and you don't have to worry about kids damaging them—Private Room guitars only look fancy. Even the most expensive pieces like the RSM cost under 400 euros.

Ukuleles are another chapter. Even if you play the guitar and you don't  understand what all the fuss is with this stunted four-string nonsense, you might not want to put them aside once you try them out. Ukuleles alone always sound cheerful, but there are also enticing pieces like the soprano DSSUITE-UKE, the first and only of its kind in the Private Room series. The solid top is made from the finest Alaskan Sitka spruce. The sides and back are made of mahogany plywood and when you factor in the electronics with a tuner, relic finish, durable die-cast mechanics and a price under 200 euros, you couldn't wish for anything else. Unless your name happens to be Bruce Wayne. For clients fond of black, Ortega sells similarly equipped RUHZ-CE-SBK made of okoumé wood.

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The last series, smaller classical guitars Gauchos, are more associated with a proper fiesta than the domestic comfort of Netflix and crisps, as the pastel colours popular in Latin America suggest. So whether you need to tame the fauna running loose in a cramped apartment or create a relaxed, even unrestrained atmosphere, the colourful "red, green & blue" models from the line RGA are ideal for the purpose. The lack of a preamplifier is more than compensated for by the mahogany plywood sides and back where the sound has sufficient support.

However, the main argument for buying from Ortega is definitely the good mood it will bring to your home. They are instruments that don't cost a fortune and will take you around the world (at least figuratively) for free.

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