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Jan Hamerský

Jan Hamerský

Born in 1988. When he was fifteen and deciding what to do next, writing was the obvious choice. At nineteen, he changed his mind. It seemed to him that it is history that writes stories. Then he found out that history is written by winners—he joined the losers. He majored in history anyway, and it put food on the table for three years before he turned away from it. This was five years after his teacher told him that his review of Vláčil's Adelheid had been read with more enthusiasm than his dissertation.

Something of the museum-goer still survived in him. He likes moldy, rusty, antique genres like hardcore, punk, or metal. He wanders through fields, forests, cheap eateries, and diners. He prefers to have his coffee on the train or at the station. Neonazis and people who do things only for the money and the fame make him sick.

Besides writing for Frontman (the Czech edition of Insounder), he writes for The Aardvark, Full Moon, Finmag, and other magazines. He plays guitar and helped organize "Broumovská Kytara" (Broumov Guitar Festival) for ten years.