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Ortega C One Acoustic Combos

After the H One rack amplifier and the S One boxes, Ortega has come to the market with another device designed for acoustic instruments. The new C One model is a combo based on the aforementioned head, which is matched by the main panel, integrated effects, and 100 W power output.

The two-channel preamp with jack input offers gain, three-band EQ, and digital reverb controls with Room, Plate, Cathedral mods, phase switching and a Color voicing switch. The second channel is similarly designed with a combined jack/XLR input, but in this case the switches are replaced by a 48V phantom power button and a choice between line or microphone mode, and the reverb also adds the parameter Time.

In addition, the developers have integrated digital chorus algorithms into the DSP unit, and a potentiometer determining the level of the Aux In input is included before the overall master volume. Necessary connectivity is provided by jack and balanced XLR line outputs with detachable ground and Pre/Post switch, built-in send/return effect loop, headphone or Aux In jacks, and external box connector.

Hinged handles are embedded in the side walls of the enclosed cabinet, a 100-watt (RMS) end stage is connected to a 6.5-inch woofer, complemented by a 3-inch tweeter, and a front-firing circular bassreflex reinforces the lowest-band transmission. Frequency response ranges from 40 Hz to 20 kHz.

Alternatively, the combo can also be used as a compact PA system, and thanks to a 36 mm diameter nest set into the underside of the skeleton, the unit can easily be placed on most speaker stands. The flexible Ortega C One acoustic combo, measuring 295 x 279 x 388 mm and weighing 10.2 kg, can be had for around €500. A soft case is included.

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