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Janet Robin - The Pick Trick
Janet Robin - The Pick Trick
Janet Robin -

Janet Robin & Taylor #6: The Pick Trick

This acoustic guitar series of mini-lessons is perfect for the beginner, intermediate, and even advanced acoustic guitarist. With lots of lessons to choose from, you can learn a series of fingerpicking patterns to either start you out on a technique or add a new pattern you may not know. You will also learn some super cool percussive styles and alternate tunings, along with some very important tips and tricks. All of these different techniques will be sure to inspire you as a beginner or step up your acoustic guitar playing to the next level.

In this lesson we're going to learn what I like to call "The Pick Trick." Basically, it's how to hold a pick while fingerpicking. Now this can especially come in handy when you're playing a song on guitar that requires you to fingerpick one section and use a flat pick in another. It takes a little practice, like a magic trick, but once you get it down you'll find it invaluable!

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Janet Robin
Music audiences around the world have seen Janet Robin's incredible guitar work as a former touring member of the Lindsey Buckingham Band (from Fleetwood Mac), Meredith Brooks, Air Supply and many other international touring artists. In 2018, Guitar Player Magazine named her a…