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Jan Sládek


Guitarist in Pohřební Kapela ("Funeral Band"), stand-in/session musician, teacher, recording engineer.

My main hobby is music. I enjoy not only guitar, but pretty much anything that's good. I've been playing guitar since 1991, had my first gig in 1996. I have several records and a few dozen hours in the studio under my belt. Occasionally, I sub in as a hired session musician, or record something for someone. I play mostly funk/jazz/rock, but apart from hard metal styles (although I like listening to those, I can't play them) I'm happy to play just about anything. Due to my profession and nature I tend to think about things that others do on autopilot. In 2018, I started recording in my "Létající Studio" (Flying Studio). I consider playing the guitar as a balanced development of thinking, technique, the art of listening, and most importantly, sharing feelings and thoughts. I enjoy exploring Czech manufacturers, so I play on Hot Amps, Salvation Mods, Smrčka, and others.