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Tereza Karásková

Tereza Karásková

The singer of the band Taste The Lemon, solo guitarist, songwriter and architect. For me, music is a space of absolute freedom and joy that I don't like leaving.

It started with peaceful piano lessons at the music school, but one day I watched the Beatles Anthology and spent the next few years convincing my parents to buy me an electric guitar. Eventually, they gave up and the guitar became a solid part of my life, as well as playing in bands.

During the Covid era, I put together a home studio, joined an online community of musicians and recorded over two dozen covers and my own songs such as "fox-and-cubs".

After that experience, I left the safe space in front of the guitar amp to learn what it means to be a frontwoman with Taste The Lemon. Last year, we released our debut single "Narrow Lane", which came in at number 14 on Radio 1's annual Velká Sedma chart, and this year we're working on releasing our first album.