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ALCHEM-E Series: the First Electronic Kits from Zildjian

Zildjian has launched a brand new range of high-quality ALCHEM-E electronic drum kits, which, in the words of the manufacturer, deliver "the most realistic, authentic and immersive playing experience". The range will include the near-complete ALCHEME-E Bronze EX Kit, Gold Kit and deluxe Gold EX Kit, featuring Zildjian's revolutionary E-FAMILY edition cymbals and the feature-packed Zildjian E-VAULT (ZEV1) drum module. All versions use triggering with the most sensitive response in this instrument category, allowing drummers to work with unmatched nuance and dynamics when playing.

The Zildjian E-VAULT module features a library with an extensive collection of carefully selected, high-quality drum, cymbal and percussion sounds and the user will have access to nearly the entire Zildjian cymbal catalogue (past, present and future) to customise their preferred sound. All of this is accessible via intuitive, ergonomic navigation and a premium 5" colour touchscreen.

Naturally, there are professionally pre-configured kits with lots of customisable user kits, integrated Bluetooth, 6 drum inputs and 6 cymbal inputs, 8 balanced individual audio outputs, MIDI inputs/outputs via USB and 5-pin DIN connectors, 8-channel USB-C output, Aux In, mixer, 32 GB of built-in memory, headphone jack, effects section with compressor, EQ and reverb, USB flash drive compatibility, etc.

The new Zildjian E-FAMILY cymbals are based on the "silent" L80 series models, so unlike most of the competition, they are not pads, but real, life-size alloy cymbals with three zones, consistent expression across the entire surface and a Blasted Traditional finish, manufactured in the Norwell Foundry in the USA. Thanks to the patented Zildjian Trigger System technology, controlled by an algorithm, the E-FAMILY edition provides excellent sensitivity and response levels that, according to the manufacturer, are unmatched by anything available on the market today.

The Zildjian ALCHEM-E Bronze EX set with poplar and linden shells consists of an 18" bass drum, a 14" snare, two 10" toms, a 12" floor tom, a 14" hi-hat, a 16" crash, an 18" reed, a module, and like the other kits in this series, cymbal stands, module stand and tom mount are included. Price: approx 4500 dollars.

The Zildjian ALCHEM-E Gold set has shells glued from seven layers of North American maple covered in Custom Black Gold Foundry Shimmer lacquer, and the bodies are fitted with acoustic resonant heads. Again, there is an 18" bass drum, a 14" snare, one 10" tom, a 14" hi-hat, a 16" crash and this time a 14" floor tom and a 20" ride. Price including module and hardware: about 6000 dollars.

The flagship Zildjian ALCHEM-E Gold EX is made of the same material as the "standard" Gold variant, from which it differs mainly by a larger 20" bass drum, a second 12" tom and an added 18" cymbal. Price: approx 6500 dollars. The electronic drum kits are expected to arrive on the European market probably during September. Next year, Zildjian will expand this collection to include additional single toms, floor toms and cymbals.

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