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Leon - Wed, December 29, 2021 - 08:00

Eventide TriceraChorus: Powerful 80’s Style Modulation

The Eventide dot9 series effects are not doing badly at all in the highly competitive market, which prompted the American manufacturer to strengthen the existing MicroPitch, Blackhole, and Ultra Tap models with another programmable piece by the name of TriceraChorus. The latest representative of this edition brings not only a sound evoking analogue choruses from the late seventies and early eighties, but also a number of modern features that make this pedal a flexible model with a wide range of applications.

The TriceraChorus combines BBD-style modulation (bucket brigade chips) with the company's popular MicroPitch effect, Swirl function, three-phase LFO, selectable mono/stereo input, and a pair of outputs, giving the user a full range of modulations spread across three independent voices (left, center, right). The right footswitch Swirl can also spice up the sound with psychedelic-sounding flanger, phaser, or uni-vibe registers.

Up to 5 presets can be stored directly in the effects bank; the input section sensitivity can be influenced by the Guitar/ Line Lvl lever switch; and the Mix controller offers the options of Chorus (vintage character), Vibrato (rocking wave pulsation), and Chorable (massive modulation evoking the sound of older rack versions of the Tri-chorus). Additionally, there's an output for an external expression pedal with the ability to map any parameter, or to connect a switch for tap tempo or navigate the presets.

The left footswitch Active works in both momentary and latch mode and you can choose between buffered, relay, DSP+FX, or Kill dry bypass modes. There is a USB port, TRS jack for MIDI, and an additional EDM (Eventide Device Manager) application for editing or organizing over a hundred presets. As with previous effects from the dot9 collection, the six potentiometers have dual function, and the chassis is made of solid bent sheet metal.

Described by the manufacturer as "the richest chorus of all time", the Eventide TriceraChorus will find its use with guitar, bass, vocals, strings, or synths, and can add a whole new dimension to their sound. The official price of the pedal, measuring 102 x 108 x 43 mm and weighing 480 g, powered by a standard 9V 200 mA adapter, is under €350.

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