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Guitar Gear Alert: September 2021

On the first Monday of each month, Insounders's news section will present a quick overview of new guitar gear that is about to hit the market. Guitar afficionados can thus get a general overview of the latest models of instruments, amplifiers, effects, or various accessories—strings, tuners, capos, etc. Technical equipment for bassists, drummers, keyboardists, singers, DJs, sound engineers, etc., will be presented in an overview on the third Monday of each month.


Superstrats and Flying V from the Japanese Jackson MJ edition: a total of six superstrats and one modified Flying V have been added to the Japanese Jackson Dinky, Soloist, and Artist editions. On the market, you can already choose from the Dinky MJ DKR, DKRA, DKR MAH, DKRP models, the popular Soloist series now features the SL2 version, and the manufacturer's offer also includes a pair of signed MJ Rhoads RRT and MJ Misha Mansoor So-Cal 2PT models.

Headless Ibanez Quest guitars: for the first time in history, Ibanez offers headless instruments, that is, models without a headstock, whose popularity is growing again after several decades. The brand has included the signed ICHI10 model in its product catalogue, followed by the Quest edition, consisting of the Standard Q52, Q54, QX52, QX54 QM, and the seven-string version QX527PB.

The return of the Fender Squier Paranormal series: Fender, or rather its subsidiary Squier, has resumed production of guitars from the popular Paranormal collection, which is available in the Squier Paranormal Toronado, SP Offset Telecaster, SP Cyclone, SP Super-Sonic, SP Cabronita Telecaster Thinline, SP Cabronita Telecaster Baritone, and SP Jazz Bass '54. The common denominator is the poplar body and maple neck—and, of course, the friendly price tag.


TCE June-60 V2: an upgraded chorus from TC Electronic with improved circuitry used in the previous V1 version. The main changes in the second generation concern the stereo output and several additional internal switching options. The unconventionally designed modulation features the popular chorus sound integrated in the older Roland Juno synthesizer.

Electric Eye Audio Mud Killer: an overdrive with clear solid bass, designed to boost the input of a tube amp. In addition to the Pre Gain, Post Gain, Tone, Mud (bass), Comp, or Closed/Open functions, there is a special output that allows you to switch the amp channel and activate the effect at the same time. The price is around $165.

Amplifiers, combos, boxes, etc.

PRS HX: PRS HX 50 and HX 100 full-amp heads, based on Marshall Super Lead amps and built on a trio of ECC803S tubes complemented by two or four New Senzor EL34H power pentodes and custom Straith Edge transformers. The edition also includes stylish HX 2x12 and HX 4x12 boxes.

Boss Cube Street II: successor of the well-known Roland Cube Street combo designed not only for buskers. Boss modified the design and construction of the cabinet, increased the maximum power, and added some practical features. The two-channel preamp has Mic/Instrument and Guitar/Mic inputs and comes with an effects unit, modeling, looper (45 seconds), and Harmony vocal section.

Fender Tone Master Super Reverb: the third combo from the favorably reviewed Tone Master edition, bringing the sound of this brand's classic tube amps, but in digital/transistor format. The Super Reverb 4x10 is based on the vintage Super Reverb 4x10 model, which is matched by the Normal and Vibrato channel controls, as well as the four 10-inch Jensen P-10R speakers. The end stage features a switch that reduces the maximum power output of 45 watts to 0.5, 1, 5, 12, or 22 watts.

EVH 5150 Iconic: more financially friendly models designed by the team that developed amplifiers for Eddie Van Halen. The 5150 Iconic 40W 1x12 combo, the 5150 Iconic 80W amp, and the 5150 Iconic 4x12 cabinet are to be available, with a choice of black or ivory finishes.


Fishman Fluence Greg Koch Gristle-Tone P90 pickups: the result of the brand's collaboration with guitar great Greg Koch. The active single-coils fitted with Alnico V magnets have eliminated hum. Like other Fishman models, the pickups have several voicing modes and power is provided by a 9V battery with approx. 60 hours of operation or a rechargeable Fishman battery.

Fender x Kyser "Classic Colors" capos: a pair of traditional manufacturers have developed stylish capos using the patented Quick-Change system for easy operation. The models are offered in Butterscotch Blonde, Daphne Blue, Surf Green, and Olympic White, closely replicating the shades used for years on Fender electric guitars and basses. The fretboard segment has an optimized radius so the capos can be used on most electric guitars.

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