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NEW GEAR 35/23: TCE High-Gain Preamps, Strat Juanez, Apogee Microphone and SBC Synth
NEW GEAR 34/23: Marshall Amps, IKM Synth, G&L Guitars and the Return of Sunn
NEW GEAR 33/23: EHX has downsized the POG octave pedal, Boss offers the GM-800 synthesiser, Jackson launches a premium guitar edition, Finland's Darkglass introduces a new amp and Blackstar unveils its first plugin
NEW GEAR 32/23: Luxurious John McLaughlin PRS, First Fender Bass Ukulele, John Petrucci’s Software and Quiet Cymbals Zultan
NEW GEAR 31/23: Vintage StingRay Special Series, Sabian Octagonal Cymbal, Top Antelope Monitors and Solar Guitars' Chop Shop Guitar
NEW GEAR 30/23: Alex Lifeson's Epiphone LP Custom, Boss ME-90 multi-effect, Warwick Bass Amp and the Comeback of the Top Sabian Ride
NEW GEAR 29/23:Japanese version of EVH guitars, Synclavier II evolution and AmpWorx preamps from TCE
NEW GEAR 28/23: PRS Unveils New Signature, Boss Introduces Analog Delay and Dynamo its First Bass Amp
NEW GEAR 27/23: Taylor Gets into Electric Guitars, Fender Dabbles in Fashion and Ampeg Focuses on Design
Miscellaneous Gear Alert: June 2023
Guitar Gear Alert: June 2023
Deluxe Taylor 814ce Builder's Edition
Frontman celebrates 10 years on the 6th of June at Jazz Dock, Prague. | Photo: Frontman
Frontman Magazine Celebrates 10 Years on Stage
Mick Thomson. | Photo: ESP
ESP Guitars Welcomes Mick Thomson (Slipknot) to Artist Roster
Miscellaneous Gear Alert: May 2023
Guitar Gear Alert: May 2023