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Fender Celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the Stratocaster, the Most Popular Electric Guitar of All Time
NEW GEAR 10/24: Yamaha Pacifica, Vox Valvenergy 2, Tama Starclassic Mirage and Korg Piano
NEW GEAR 9/24: Squier LE 60s Limited Series, Gibson LP Studio Modern, Vox AC HW and Walrus Delay
NEW GEAR 8/24: Gibson Combo Amps, Boss VE-22, Vox amPlug3 Series and Yamaha SEQTRAK Groovebox
NEW GEAR 7/24: Tama Reissue Kit, Walrus Tube Fuzz, DiMarzio Pickups and Laney Box
Jesper Kyd, author of Assassin's Creed. | Photo: Soundsgate
Composers Summit Prague: The Legendary Assassin's Creed Comes to Life at the Municipal House
NEW GEAR 6/24: Ibanez Guitars and Effects, Laney BCC, Tama Snare and ZIO Bass Preamp
NEW GEAR 5/24: Spector Graffiti basses, Suhr heads, Martin acoustics and Dubreq theremin
NEW GEAR 4/24: MXR Delay, Suhr CSV Limited Series, BITE Bass and GigRig G3S Controller
NEW GEAR 3/24: “Budweiser” Fenders, Deuce Coupe Drive and Rack Compressor from GainLab Audio
NEW GEAR 2/24: Kemper Player Pedal, Avantone Nearfields and Istanbul Cymbals
NEW GEAR 1/24: Slash SL-100 Head, Colletti Super Strats and PJB Bass Combo
NEW GEAR 52/23: Soldano Amps, Gretsch Kits, Anniversary Stratocasters and Schecter Basses
NEW GEAR 51/23: Boss Amp & Cabinet IR-2, Jimmy Page's Super Dragon and Behringer Synth
NEW GEAR 50/23: Sabian Stratus Edition, Ibanez Fretless and New S by Solar
NEW GEAR 49/23: PRS Limited Edition, Zultan F5 Ride, Korg Pad and Anka Custom Bass