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Kloot Per W | Photo: Johan Reyskens
Kloot Per W: If Frank Zappa and the Beatles Were To Start Their Careers Today, They Wouldn’t Make the Hit Parade
ABBA's bass lines are as happy and fun-to-play as their music.
Bass Around the World #13: ABBA Grooves
Mini Amplifiers Joyo banTamP XL Meteor II and Tweedy
Detox and gentle push are the two principles that help me in my daily battle with procrastination.
2 Simple Principles To Help Motivate Musicians To Practice
Pedalboard Gems #10: LPD Pedals Eighty 7
Jamey Morris (Fistful of DOOM): Stoner Is a Never-Ending Rabbit Hole of Quality Heavy Tunes
Iggy Pop | Photo: Eddy BERTHIER - CC 2.0 - Wikimedia
Milestones in Music History #6: Fun House Iggy and the Stooges’ Musical Revolt
Miscellaneous Gear Alert: January 2022
"Slappa da bass" and other memes are popular because of this particular playing technique. Showing your Seinfeld Theme chops is part of the game.
Bass Around the World #12: Seinfeld Theme
Collectible Martin Bentley Snowflake First Edition
KXP | Photo: Ondrej Koščík
Rock and Roll Ain't No Simple Thing
It seems that Leo Fender was lucky in his choice of wood. However, he was driven by a pragmatic reason—the availability of the woods.
Under the Hood #8: Woods Used on Fender Guitars
How PRS Tremonti x Joe Fenton Limited Edition Was Decorated
A classic light blue Fender Telecaster | Photo: Creative Commons
The Gear That Made Us #5: The Fender Telecaster
Verso Cosmo: A Futuristic Creation With a Metal Body
The focus is on tricky slides and a busy sixteenth-note breakbeat groove
Bass Around the World #11: Breakbeat Grooves
Musical Mastodon Doof Wagon From Mad Max Put Up for Auction
What the Year 2021 Brought Musicians World-Wide
Pedalboard Gems #9: Boss LS-2
Steampunk street band The Folk Dandies with Steve Louvat | Photo: the band's official press kit
All Eyes on Wallonia and Brussels: "All the Arts Joined Forces in Support of Culture"
The Shin-Ei Brand Ceases, Check Out Its Famous Models
Fear performing on the Warped Tour at the Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, California on August 10, 2010. (Credits IllaZilla, CC-BY-SA)
Milestones in Music History #5: Studs on TV FEAR and the Infamous Halloween Saturday Night Live Performance
Guitar Gear Alert: January 2022
Showing you some very creative fingerings you'll need to work on if you want to nail down Madness bass lines.
Bass Around the World #10: Ska & 2 Tone Grooves