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"I need to know the rules, but mostly to learn how to break them," says Nina Kohout. | Foto: Slávka Miklošová
Nina Kohout: On the Slovak Scene, a New Talent Is a Cause for Celebration
You just have to try different combinations and options and look for a better sound. | Photo: Unsplash
Under the Hood #13: How to Cheaply Upgrade the Electronics in an Electric Guitar
Vasko Atanasoski, musician and cultural promoter
All Eyes on North Macedonia with Vasko Atanasoski
Russian Sanctions: Will EHX Vacuum Tubes Be a Scarce Commodity?
The Akai MPC60 in cartoon form | Photo: Creative Commons
The Gear That Made Us #10: The Akai MPC60
Educational Guitar System Samsung C-Lab ZamStar
The thumb hits should have enough emphasis, but at the same time a touch of lightness.
Bass Around the World #21: Punk Slap Grooves
Janet Robin—Pluck Slap Pop Technique
Janet Robin & Taylor #5: Pluck Slap Pop Technique
"The mass grave. In the middle of Europe. In 2022. Can you even comprehend that? Because I can't." | Photo: IS archive
Ukrainian Musician Igor Sidorenko: There Are No Concerts, You Could Miss the Siren behind the Loud Music and Die
It's hard to imagine the Swinging Sixties without Nancy Sinatra's hit “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'”. | Source:
10 Famous Descendants of Renowned Musicians
Pedalboard Gems #14: Bogner Neve Transformer
Guitarralinda: the World's First Guitar Bike
The Brian Jonestown Massacre | Photo:  Jeff Marquis Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-2.0)
Milestones in Music History #10: The Brian Jonestown Massacre: My Side of Their Story
Miscellaneous Gear Alert: March 2022
Due to its alien sound and symmetrical fingering, you can make endless quirky sounding riffs and phrases using just four notes—exploring the whole tritone territory. 
Bass Around the World #20: Tritone Weirdness
Advanced Blues Fingerpicking Part Two
Janet Robin & Taylor #4: Advanced Fingerpicking (Blues Style) Part Two
Jinjer depict the occupation of Ukraine in the song "Home Back." | Foto: Sven Mandel
6 Russian and Ukrainian Anti-War Songs
This is how the view out of Ira Lobanok's home looks like. But she answered our questions already from a bomb shelter. | Photo: archive IL
Questionnaire: We're trying to survive, we're not thinking about music, say Ukrainian musicians
In my opinion, the Stratocaster is a timeless guitar whose design and sonic strengths will never get old.
Under the Hood #12: The Timeless Value of the Stratocaster
Janne Eraker | Photo: Sander Schuurman
All Eyes on Norway with Janne Eraker: The Best Thing for Most Norwegians Would Be More Otherness
Infinite Tone by TCE Infinite Sample Sustainer
A side shot of the Prophet-5 | Photo: Creative Commons
The Gear That Made Us #9: The Prophet-5
"The pandemic was a useful reset. We could stop and be normal people again," says Ben Bruce. | Foto: Danny Worsnop
Ben Bruce (Asking Alexandria): As I Get Older, I Play More Solos
Lewitt LCT 1040—Professional Condenser Microphone with Remote Control